STRONG CHICKS ROCK (SCR) was created for you.

I help women who can't stop stepping on the scale each morning learn to trust their bodies. I help women who can't stop weighing, counting, measuring, tracking, obsessing and going crazy around food—find freedom. 

Freedom to:

  • Feel confident about the food choices you make 
  • Be able to eat pizza and ice cream without guilt
  • Enjoy fitness without seeing it as a form of punishment
  • Trust and love your body
  • Love what you see in the mirror 

Through learning how to honor your body through food, movement and self love—you'll find freedom, and the most authentic, and confident, YOU. 

SCR offers DIY programs and coaching so you can finally feel normal (not binging or feeling crazy) around food + gives you the tools and reserouces you need to live a confident and empowered life. 

"I didn’t need to lose the weight to love myself. I didn’t need to be lifting hundreds of pounds to be good enough. I could love myself right now, exactly the way I was. It seems silly, but I honestly had NO idea that was possible before I met Rachel. Self-love is a radical thing for women to have in this world, and that’s what makes Strong Chicks Rock so amazing. Working out isn’t punishment, food isn’t something you earn, you can’t hate yourself healthy. You start with self-love."

— Emily Callen

Who is SCR coaching For?

  • Someone who wants to feel at home in their body but doesn't know how to do it while still breaking up with dieting as well.
  • Someone who wants to learn how to eat for their body for life.
  • Someone who doesn't want to restrict foods to reach their goals.
  • Someone who has tried multiple plans but hasn't received the outcome they hoped for.
  • Someone who wants accountability to stay on track as part of a phenomenal tribe of women who are there for them no matter what – and with zero judgment.
  • Someone who is ready to stop binge eating and going through cycles of starting and stopping.
  • Someone who wants to feel normal around food, putting an end to obsessive thoughts. 
  • Someone who wants to learn how to truly love and accept their body.



  1. We are relentless in in the journey of feeling more at home in our bodies. 
  2. We rock #kindnessrocks like it's our job. As a tribe of women, we vow to hold space for each other when we need it most, to create a safe environment for women, to support each other, show love and be kind, always.
  3. We vow to end dieting forever, knowing that we have the support of Strong Chicks Rock, and our powerful bodies to navigate this new journey of rebelling against everything you know.
  4. We use movement as a tool to connect deeper to our bodies, and not as a tool to shame us for food eaten.
  5. We eat, speak, and move with kindness. 
  6. We honor our messy AF lives, knowing that we don't have to be perfect.
  7. We value education, and challenge societal standards of what 'beauty' is.