Strong Chicks Rock is more than just a workout program, it's a way of life. Here are a collection of products, companies, and things we love and stand by 100%.

Tawny Turner

Tawny is the SCR official Master Stylist and Colorist. Helping our Strong Chicks achieve a new level of confidence! I absolutely adore her and the work she's done on me and all of my friends. If you're local to Columbus, there is NO ONE else I'd recommend to you but her! Tawny offers an exclusive 25% discount to all SCR clients!


Care Of

Care of is a monthly subscription based service that after provides customized supplements and vitamins that deliver directly to your door. 

After filling out a personalized quiz that learns about your diet, and lifestyle, a recommended pack of high quality vitamins is put together for you by expert nutritionists, and scientists. Delivered straight to your door each month, this is changing up the supplement game. 

After being sick of feeling stressed walking into supplement stores, not knowing if I was being provided with things I actually needed—furthermore, not knowing if I was getting high quality products, I love that I've found a company I trust and feel comfortable sending my clients to.

Use code: TURNER50 for 50% off of your first order.