Kati R.

"She's a realist. To her core. Anyone can lose 30 lbs doing a juice cleanse, working out for two hours a day, or eating 100% paleo (I've done it) but for the great majority of people, that's just not realistic. Rachel is concerned about our quality of life, not the number on our scales or how many inches around our waist is. She is concerned about our relationships with food, not restrictions. She is concerned with the health of souls, to our core. And because we learn to have healthy relationships with food, are encouraged to enjoy our lives, and move our bodies in ways that we each individually enjoy, we see results. That's why I choose SCR."


"Strong chicks rock has completely rocked my world. Ever since joining SCR I have learned more about myself and my body then I could have ever imagined. I am surrounded by a group of amazing women who have encouraged me, taught me new things, and have made me laugh every single day. Because of strong chicks rock I feel comfortable in my own skin. I am confident in who I am and because of that I am able to work towards my goals and have a community of strong women there with me along the way.

Rachel and the women of SCR are absolutely amazing and I could not be more proud to call myself a strong chick."

Kati G.

"I'd been following Rachel on Instagram for I don't know how long before I started actually reading her captions. I started reading her story and her opinions and her thoughts and her feelings. The more I read the more I realized what she was saying was what I'd felt since forever and a day. The more I read the more I wanted to be part of her tribe. But I had just became a mom, just got engaged, just been diagnosed with epilepsy, and just quit my job were some of the top reasons I kept putting it off. I didn't have time. I had laundry to do, diapers to change, tv to watch. So what made me finally sign up you ask? I was tired of being last on my list. After debating with myself for months I finally messaged her. I opened myself up to being vulnerable and by goly was that terrifying. See, Rachel and I went to school together and we weren't friends then so it was super weird going to her with such vulnerability as to asking for her guidance. I figured "I'll try a month and see what happens." That one month "trial" I set for myself has now turned into nearly two years. I joined SCR to learn more about food, my body and my soul; my entire being. I jumped into SCR screaming for help and I got it, full force. I got workouts that I can accomplish during naps, AT HOME (what!?) in under 20 minutes! I got grocery list and recipe ideas. I got to become part of this amazing group of women who want to see me win and accomplish all the things. But above all, I have been able to learn how I can love myself. After being part of this ridiculously cool group of women I am so proud of myself for leaving my excuses behind and taking the leap of vulnerability and faith to finally put myself first."



"Before I joined SCR I was struggling a lot through feeling miserable, having a lot of anxiety and stress, being overwhelmed and putting myself last on my to do list, so the first thing that caught my eye about SCR was the self-love challenge that Rachel hosted. I thought that joining this self-love challenge was just what I needed to put me on the right track to feeling better. Every day I would get an email in the morning filled with inspiration and positivity and it really brought me out of my shell and helped me realize what I need to do to feel self-love consistently. Another huge factor that went into me signing up for SCR was how awful I felt about my body after giving birth to my daughter, how guilty I would feel when I would eat something bad because I would feel like I was taking steps back instead of forward. I started seeing Rachel post about SCR no diet mindset, and the statements that other people would send to her, and when she would post the posts felt very real and authentic to me and you don’t see that a lot on social media, and that’s why I was so drawn to SCR. I was very hesitant to spend money on SCR at first because I felt like if I had extra money to be spending on myself then I should be spending it on more “responsible” ways, and I would also feel guilty if I spent money on myself because I could be spending more money buying my daughter more things. I have realized though that the thing my daughter needs is for me to be the best version of myself, to take care of myself, to have self-love for myself, so that I can teach her to do the same for herself. I realized that my well-being is so important so I can continue to be the best parent I can be and to really thrive in motherhood, and as an individual. SO I went for it, I decided I should give it a shot and IT WAS THE BEST DECISION. Being a part of SCR is really like having a life coach, a self-care activist, a personal trainer, and a food mentor all in one person. SCR has literally changed my mindset to a positive outlook toward food and working out. I think being a busy mom that we get so overwhelmed we just kind of forget about what we need and I get that but I also think that we need support and we need self-love daily. Being a part of SCR I am constantly reminded that my well-being matters through movement, through self-love, through group accountability, through weekly check ins, through the way SCR empowers women. I have changed so much and I have to give credit to SCR for helping me move forward through hard times, and giving me constant guidance and support."


"I don't know where to begin in expressing the gratitude for this SCR and the programs. It's honestly changed my life. I was in a dark place when I joined and now...I freaking love my body which makes me feel healthier than ever. To top that, I've gained strength both physically (hello Booty gainS) and mentally (hello brain gains) Plus, my confidence both in the gym and out has grown. I can hold my own in the weight room and in life. SCR is honestly something that has shaped me into the healthiest version of myself that I've ever been. Plus...the group of supportive ladies I've met are something that are so meaningful to me. This is more than a "lose weight" program. I've unexpectedly found myself."



"I was always so active and when I broke my foot and couldn't do anything for over a year I was kind of lost on where to even begin.  I remember being on my couch and crying because I felt physically uncomfortable in my skin.  Rachel and I met before and spoke but it was a good 4 months before I actually contacted her to sign up.  I wanted to change how I operated.  I needed something long term something that could make me feel happy, not just skinny.  I love food.  A passion for good food is a huge part of my culture and how I grew up.  I love cooking and trying new things and eating great tasting food.  I didn't want to eat brown rice and chicken and broccoli everyday because I would give up after a week.  So when I looked into SCR and realized that it’s a mindset and a way to change behavior not just a workout I was all about it.  I was hesitant to spend the money but when I thought about all of the money I have spent in my lifetime on shoes and clothes and pointless things why would I be so hesitant to spend money on something that would in reality improve my physical and mental health.  We spend money on nails, hair, makeup to improve our outward appearance why not invest in ourselves in a way to make me happier when I look in the mirror without all those superficial things.  That’s why I joined SCR.  Yes, we are all sooo busy and I am always on the go, but I refuse to not allow my self and hour of time a day to devote to a body that's going to serve me for a lifetime. Now looking back at it, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It helped me find happiness in other areas of my life when I stopped focusing on thinking having a certain body type will make me happy.  Today I eat food I love and all in moderation."


"When I started SCR I was a college student with a busy schedule and a desire to learn more about food and movement and how to love my body (something I wasn't sure was possible at the time) two years later and I've graduated and been working full time with an even busier schedule. Rachel's programs have worked for me in each stage of my life. Whether I have an hour or 15 minutes to move. Whether I have a gym or my bedroom floor, whether I'm cooking all my meals or traveling all week like I often do for work. She works with you and teaches you how to honor your body regardless of how your life may look. There isn't one size fits all to that, and SCR understands that. I can't imagine my life without Rachel's support and guidance anymore. It was by far one of the best choices I've ever made for myself."


"SCR has been a game changer for me. It's changed my life in so many ways. I've learned more being surrounded by this tribe of women than any other group of people. These women take pride in lifting each other up and providing strength and encouragement. Rachel's knowledge of the body and mind as well as her awareness of just how important self love is to a woman is just a few reasons she's as successful and amazing as she is. If you're looking for a tribe of women to push you, workouts to keep you motivating, good tips to keep you on track, and random virtual dance parties then SCR is exactly what you're looking for!"


"There are many words I could use to describe how wonderful this program is. How it has helped me change my mind set on health, how it has positively changed my body, and how it has helped me not only physically but mentally too. But I'm just going to hit the nail on the head; Strong Chicks Rock is about love. Loving oneself and expressing that love in many ways. It's not about making sure your thighs don't touch, making you think you need to be as skinny as the 6'4 Instagram model even if you're 5'4, or only eating kale and starving yourself. It's balance, its self-love, it's movement of your body whether that be exercise, dance, hiking, or running around like an idiot with your toddler nephew. It's the training that every women should know because it's FOR WOMEN IN THE MOST HEALTHY WAY POSSIBLE. I love ya SCR."



"I can't say enough good things about Strong Chicks Rock. I found Rachel during a time in my life when fitness and healthy eating were not my biggest problems. While Rachel did so much to help me acclimate to living in an apartment and having to grocery shop and cook for myself, she did so much more for my emotional and mental health. That's the beauty of SCR. Rachel doesn't just provide personal training and nutritional support, she provides you with mental support, emotional support, and access to a community of women that are like-minded, inspirational and motivating. Rachel taught me a lot about clean eating and how to grocery shop for healthy food on a budget, but the most important thing she taught me is how to love myself. She challenged me to not only identify my fitness goals, but also dig deep to find out why I felt I needed to accomplish these goals. I would recommend her to my closet friends."


"Before starting SCR I didn't know what self love meant. At the end of my 6 weeks, I've seen a transformation not only physically, but mentally. Rachel made the process so easy for me. I used to think losing weight meant cutting calories and exercising 7 days a week. Since learning all of the tools I've been given, I can fit workouts in while still going to school and work. I'm not longer exhausted and miserable because I have simply learned how to take care of my body and my mind."