If you want to enjoy your summer without obsessing about your body, constantly tugging at your swimsuit and saying no to events...KEEP READING.

You want to...

  • Feel confident in your clothes
  • Stop feeling intimidated at the gym + feel strong in your workouts
  • Be a part of a community of like minded women who support you
  • Love your body while enjoying hot summer days, beers with friends and BBQ's with family
  • Get stronger


There is a way you can walk into the gym ....with confidence.

There is a way you can learn to love your body...without BS.

Strong Chicks Rock is an incredible community of women who support each other in fitness and life. Rachel Turner, has changed my life by showing me how to love myself first and be the best version of me before I take on anything else. I learned how to eat for my body which has always been a struggle and how to first build a strong foundation with fitness in order to achieve results!
— Anja R.
I’m seriously so grateful for you! I’ve never felt pushed by you in the sense of “come on, one more set. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Awesome, awesome, next time you can go up in weight!” I’m sure that’s so stereotypical with trainers, but I love that you make this OUR choice. Only when we can choose to live a more centered, more healthy, more everything life!
— Katie G.

Strong Chick Summer is an online strength and conditioning program designed for women of all fitness levels. Regardless if you're new to fitness, or a pro, these full body strength training workouts you'll receive monthly are highly effective if you're looking to get stronger, more confident in the gym & get leaner.



How the program works

  • 15 new strength training workouts each month.
  • 15 new smart cardio finishers each month.
  • 5 glute specific workouts each month!
  • Empowered Eating materials to teach you how to eat for your body!
  • Daily support via the private FB group! Ask for form feedback, & get all of your questions answered!
  • Printable Self Love Workbooks!
  • Instructional workout videos!
  • Access to the SCR private FB group where you get to interact with me + the whole tribe. Have 24/7 support from the whole Strong Chicks Rock Tribe!
  • 1 weekly email sent with your Strong Chick Summer Tools for the week where we will go over how to: get more confidence, practice self love, enjoy your summer guilt free, eating for your body.


  •  The SCR Self Love Journal + The 3 Day Get Out Of A Funk Workbook.
  • Empowered Summer Eating: basic tools to lead you to guilt free summer enjoyment around food while still feeling confident in your body.
I’m feeling stronger and more confident!
— Alyssa


  • You get a new workout program each month that is updated with strength + smart cardio + glute specific workouts!
  • You get simplicity! Don't stress this summer as your workouts are now taken care of! Delivered each month, your days of Pinterest scrolling are over. 
  • Community 24/7! As long as you're a member of SCR, you get full access to the private group of women who are all walking similar journeys. These rad women are some of the kindness, most supportive out there! NO judgment here.
I wouldn’t have gotten confident or felt better in my own skin if it weren’t for SCR!
— Miki


Q:Do I need a gym for the workouts?

A: You will need access to: resistance bands + at least a set of dumbbells (15lbs or more).

Q: What do the workouts look like?

A: This really depends on you and your fitness level (all workouts are customizable to your fitness level!l! Every single workout you have is created to enhance your life and make you stronger. Things you may see in your workouts: Strength + cardio (no use of machines!), use of kettlebells, TRX, core strengthening work, natural movement patterns like crawling and throwing (yeah, really!)

Q: Wait! Kettlebells, crawling! I don't know about that....

A: Don't worry babe! First, we use what you have access to. Second, I teach you from the ground up how to do each movement with proper technique. You'll never be given anything that hasn't been fully explained and deemed appropriate for you!

Q: Do I get a meal plan? 

A: No! This ins't a nutrition program. You will get materials that will teach you about portions, food education, and how to eat for your body. But this is not a meal plan. If you're looking to learn how to get over binge eating, and need more accountability and support with food rather than fitness (or both!), Stronger You Coaching may be a better fit for your needs. 

Q: Is this a customized program and do I get weekly check ins + support from you?

A; This is a self guided program. You CAN customize the workouts to your fitness level. But if you're looking for email access to me + customized coaching, I would recommend the Stronger You Coaching as it has both aspects and is for those who want in depth coaching and support!

Q: How does the membership work?

A: Your membership is charged to the card you sign up for every month on the date you sign up on. SSC runs from June through the end of September. So if you sign up in July, you'll get charged: July, August and September. Your last payment will be in September, no matter when you sign up. 

Q:What's the difference between this and Stronger You Coaching?

A: SCS offers women a solution for summer. Learn the most basic and simple tools you need to rock your summer with confidence + strength and be part of a rad community of women. Stronger You Coaching is for women who are looking for a more customized approach + more accountability. SCS doesn't offer weekly check in's or coaching with me, Stronger You offers unlimited coaching and daily check ins!

Q: How is this delivered?

A: Upon signing up you'll get an email from me with your first month of workouts, a welcome email, and you'll gain access to the private FB group! Each month on the 1st, you new program will be sent directly to the email you signed up with. Every Monday morning you will also get an email from me sharing new tips, freebies and tools to help you rock your summer with confidence and strength!


The SCR group is exactly what I have been looking for- judgement -free, support, accountability, and most importantly positivity. I can not say how much this group and your encouragement means to me. It truly helps me give my fullest in whatever activity or capacity that is. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for providing this safe environment and helping promote the message of strong beautiful women, both inside and out 🙂
— Elizabeth



The Membership:

  • 1x monthly reoccurring fee of $33.00. 
  • New workouts delivered to your inbox monthly
  • 1 weekly Strong Chick Summer email weekly full of recipes, tips, guides on self love and nutrition + more!
  • Want to make a one time payment? Get it all for $90!


DISCLAIMER: All sales are final. No refunds. Please see the terms and service agreement upon checkout.