You keep hearing that you should love your body, be 'healthy' and practice self care. Yet even though you understand this, you don't really know what healthy look likes, you've tried bath bombs for self love, but uh—you hate bath bombs (and why are they so expensive?). You'd rather just continue eating gourmet donuts and worry about how you feel in your body next season than have to filter through Pinterest one more time to find  a workout program you actually like (and that works). I get it.

You're over it. 

What if you could eat your donuts, love your body and not want to pull your hair out at the thought of working out? Better yet, what if you could eat your donut and not use exercise as a form of punishment to 'burn it off? Oh, and the cherry on top—what if you could eat your donuts, not use fitness as punishment and love + feel comfortable in your body (for real)?

You want to...

  • Brunch on the weekend without leaving wanting to unbutton your pants
  • Feel confident & comfortable in your clothes
  • Feel strong and empowered at the gym— to move with ease and efficiency. 
  • Be a part of a community of like minded women who support you
  • Learn what self love is and how do it (without the BS)
  • End dieting, for real


I get it.  I know you want to filter through all of the BS around self love and get to the act of actually doing it, in your real life. Yes, the life that includes not wanting to get up early because #life. Between all of your actual adult responsibilities, you need to find the time for YOU, but you don't even know what that looks like. 

You're smart, and you know that you can get the hang of this love your body thing (even if it's only within a small place inside your gut, you know. You're intuitive like that.), buttttt...first you need to stop being told to do it, and actually learn what that looks like (for your life!) paired with having a job, having a social life, being able to brunch on the weekend and washing your hair (sometimes)—you want to rage against the BS and get the show on the road with the real stuff. 

You need a step by step approach to nutrition, self love and fitness that actually makes sense. You need a coach that cares about your goals, your heart and that meets you where you're at. HI (that's me!).

You want to stop buying bits and pieces of what you need and come to one place to get the customized coaching you need. Because you know that if you want to start walking around with more confidence, and body love—it's not just the fitness aspect you need. You need to learn how to ditch dieting and  gain the mindset + self love tools that will lead you to success. 

Do You Want To Stop

  • Freaking out around food
  • Finding your worth in a size or weight
  • Binging/restricting
  • Dieting yourself into the ground only to bounce back even worse each time.
  • Hating your body, sitting in a negative spiral.  
  • Scrolling Pinterest for workout programs that you don't actually like.
  • Remaining slave to long & boring workouts

Would you Like Freedom To..

  • Feel confident and empowered about food choices that you make
  • Be able to eat pizza without guilt
  • Enjoy fitness, not seeing it as a form of punishment
  • Speak to yourself with kindness + enjoy and experience life.
  • Trust and love your body
  • Love what you see in the mirror
  • Feel strong and empowered AF in your body


This coaching is for you if:

  • You're ready to roll up your sleeves, get to the bottom of this self love stuff without the BS (duh), and do the work so you can start to feel more at home in your body.
  • You've tried a few (a lot) of workout programs and none of seem *just* right for your life. You want something that works for your life, and isn't an added stressor.
  • You want to ditch dieting (for good) because if hating your body and eating food you really hate could have gotten you to where you would have wanted to be, you wouldn't be reading this. 
  • You've started and stopped this journey once or twice (or like 34, but who's counting?), and you want to actually learn how to workout, eat for your body and love yourself so you can stop investing in promises and take action.
  • You're ready to feel like the powerful woman you know you can be!
  • You know accountability has been a huge missing link from your journey, and you want an empowering tribe of women + coach that actually get it. No really, we get it. 
  • You don't mind a little bit of a different approach to this all. You know that what you've done hasn't 'worked' and you're pretty open to new (though slightly nervous), you're ready. Don't worry babe, I got you.


with STRONG CHICKS ROCK COACHING you'll discover...

  • How to set clear goals that make sense for your life!
  • How to stop the negative self talk + come into a place of kindness and power within your body. 
  • How to listen and really tune in to your body to come into a more trusting and loving space.
  • How to stop dieting, and still lose weight + feel confident in your body. 
  • What self care is and how to create a routine that feels right for you.
  • How to manage your emotions without using food.
  • How to navigate your fitness journey with confidence!
  • What intuitive eating is, and how to truly listen to your body.
  • How to stop seeing fitness as punishment for food eaten + find a routine that works for you.
  • How to overcome binge eating so you never do it again.
  • What self love is, and learn how to to actually do it + feel it in a way that honors your whole self and real life. 

You want to feel at home in your body. You're so sick and tired of trying to diet and cleanse yourself happy. You want to stop finding your worth in a size or weight. You want to learn how to trust your body right now. You want to stop freaking out around food. You are so ready to learn how to trust and love your body right now.

I want to help you.

Stronger You Is A Step By Step Program, Combinded With Personalized Coaching—To Teach You How To Truly Love Your Body And Get Strong Af.-2.png



  • Customizable weekly workouts sent directly to your inbox each month. ($175 value)
  • Instructional workout vides for every movement in your plan. 
  • Workout calendar so you can track your workouts through each phase of your program. ($97 value)
  • The Strong Chicks Rock Step by step approach to breaking up with dieting. ($499 value)
  • Daily accountability check in emails
  • Nutrition coaching PDF downloads + workbooks. 
  • The Official Food Freedom video series: 
    • How to break up with binge eating
    • How to handle your emotions without abusing food
    • How to navigate social settings with confidence
    • How to eat foods you love and still reach your goals
    • And SO MUCH more! ($199 value)
  • 3x weekly live webinar
  • Access to the SCR member site (recipes, meditations, yoga flows, stretching + mobility, member exclusive articles and more!)
  • Strong Chicks Rock secret Facebook group! A place where women just like you, who are trying to love their bodies in the real world learn and grow together. Weekly exercise specific coaching, mindset coaching and nutrition based coaching all done here. 


You get access to the Strong Chicks Rock Coaching materials, tools and resources for LIFE! So you can continue to come back, re-watch, print your journal and learning materials off as many times as you want.


You'll have 3 strength workouts a week:

  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Full body

Each workout also includes your *optional cardio for the day. 

Your monthly program also comes with:

  • 1 bonus glute focused workout per week.
  • 2 core add on's each week. 



Is this personalized coaching?

o, this is a group coaching design. Everyone will have the same workouts, however there are breakdowns for each fitness level making them extremely customizable for whatever fitness level you're at.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up you'll receiver your first email that will have everything you need to get started. If you don't receive this email right away, check your spam folder. If you still don't see it, email me here:

What does group coaching mean?

I offer two kinds of coaching, one on one, and group. This group aspect is a more affordable approach to working with me, while still giving you the benefits of a coach. You'll have new workouts, nutrition, and self care guidance daily, weekly and monthly. The biggest difference between the two programs is that group members only have access to me via our secret Facebook group. I do daily check in's and answer all of your questions here + go live 3x a week. In one on one coaching clients have 24/7 access to me via email and text, personalized workouts, and weekly email check in's.

What's the nutrition aspect like?

Each week we cover new topics via video modules, workbooks, daily actives, and live webinars (don't worry, these will be saved if you can't make it live). You'll learn how to:

  • Eat sustainably for long term fat loss
  • Eat the foods you love
  • Honor your hunger
  • Know how much your body needs
  • Stop binging
  • Feel normal around food
  • And SO much more!

The focus in SCR is on you finding complete food freedom, and you experiencing the utmost support on the way there. 

How do my workouts get delivered?

Each month you'll get a new phase of your program via email. You have:

  • Monthly workouts (option of 3-5 training sessions a week). Includes strength + cardio. Bonus core + glute burnouts also included.
  • Can be done at home or the gym
  • Video demonstrations of each movement

You'll learn how to create a movement routine that you love, and feels good for your lifestyle. You'll stop using fitness as punishment and get stronger in the process. 

What does my communication with you look like?

You get to be a part of the private accountability group on Facebook where you can ask as many questions as you'd like to. Share your wins, ask for feedback etc. You also get daily accountability emails from me :)

I have a busy life, I'm nervous to commit—will this work for me?

YES. Point blank. There is no right time because your life will keep moving. There will always be another wedding, summer, vacation or thing that will be up next for you. Which is why you need this. You need to learn how to navigate those real life moments. You know the ones I'm talking about—long day at work or busy chasing dreams, you don't have time to spend hours in the gym + prep food. What will you do? I'll teach you. Don't forget, this is no BS territory over here. I create 20-40 min workouts MAX for my clients, and food prep? Nope, we don't get crazy. You learn how to do this all on your terms, for your life so you can actually enjoy your life.



"I'd been following Rachel on Instagram for I don't know how long before I started actually reading her captions. I started reading her story and her opinions and her thoughts and her feelings. The more I read the more I realized what she was saying was what I'd felt since forever and a day. The more I read the more I wanted to be part of her tribe. But I had just became a mom, just got engaged, just been diagnosed with epilepsy, and just quit my job were some of the top reasons I kept putting it off. I didn't have time. I had laundry to do, diapers to change, tv to watch. So what made me finally sign up you ask? I was tired of being last on my list. After debating with myself for months I finally messaged her. I opened myself up to being vulnerable and by goly was that terrifying. See, Rachel and I went to school together and we weren't friends then so it was super weird going to her with such vulnerability as to asking for her guidance. I figured "I'll try a month and see what happens." That one month "trial" I set for myself has now turned into nearly two years. I joined SCR to learn more about food, my body and my soul; my entire being. I jumped into SCR screaming for help and I got it, full force. I got workouts that I can accomplish during naps, AT HOME (what!?) in under 20 minutes! I got grocery list and recipe ideas. I got to become part of this amazing group of women who want to see me win and accomplish all the things. But above all, I have been able to learn how I can love myself. After being part of this ridiculously cool group of women I am so proud of myself for leaving my excuses behind and taking the leap of vulnerability and faith to finally put myself first."


"Before I joined SCR I was struggling a lot through feeling miserable, having a lot of anxiety and stress, being overwhelmed and putting myself last on my to do list. I started seeing Rachel post about SCR no diet mindset, and the statements that other people would send to her, and when she would post the posts felt very real and authentic to me and you don’t see that a lot on social media, and that’s why I was so drawn to SCR. I was very hesitant to spend money on SCR at first because I felt like if I had extra money to be spending on myself then I should be spending it on more “responsible” ways, and I would also feel guilty if I spent money on myself because I could be spending more money buying my daughter more things. I have realized though that the thing my daughter needs is for me to be the best version of myself, to take care of myself, to have self-love for myself, so that I can teach her to do the same for herself. I realized that my well-being is so important so I can continue to be the best parent I can be and to really thrive in motherhood, and as an individual. SO I went for it, I decided I should give it a shot and IT WAS THE BEST DECISION. Being a part of SCR is really like having a life coach, a self-care activist, a personal trainer, and a food mentor all in one person. SCR has literally changed my mindset to a positive outlook toward food and working out. I think being a busy mom that we get so overwhelmed we just kind of forget about what we need and I get that but I also think that we need support and we need self-love daily. Being a part of SCR I am constantly reminded that my well-being matters through movement, through self-love, through group accountability, through weekly check ins, through the way SCR empowers women. I have changed so much and I have to give credit to SCR for helping me move forward through hard times, and giving me constant guidance and support."

"My most rad food freedom moment has been, being able to go out to eat, ordering chicken wings and fries and not feeling like I needed to get liposuction after! And since, this has happened numerous times! It’s a damn good feeling to eat what I want and not feel guilty about it!"

Hillary C.



"She works with you and teaches you how to honor your body regardless of how your life may look. There isn't one size fits all to that, and SCR understands that. I can't imagine my life without Rachel's support and guidance anymore. It was by far one of the best choices I've ever made for myself."


"My most rad food freedom moment is that it's okay AND I'm okay with not weighing everything I eat!" -Laura B