This summer is different. This summer is yours. Yours to feel stronger, at ease in your body, and powerful.

Wait, I know what you're thinking "but Rachel I didn't prepare for bikini season, I don't like the way I look."

I get it  — no really, I get it  . I know you think that diving into a program at the beginning of summer is useless because summer is already here, but what if things didn't have to be and feel the way they always have for you?

What if this summer you:

  • Ate what you wanted, and still felt at ease in your bathing suit. 
  • Were able to workout in a way that honored your busy schedule, personal life and goals—with workouts under 30 min. 
  • Felt calm and comfortable at parties, BBQ, and all summer events—not stressed about what to eat, what to avoid, or how you were going to 'burn it off'.
  • Went to the pool and felt confident, empowered and at home in your body.

Sound pretty legit for summer? Yeah, I think so too

I remember dreaming of a time that summer didn't feel like one massive ball of anxiety. I would diet hop and workout hop from one thing to another, only to continue to feel completely out of control and unhappy in my body. 

Which is why I wanted you to have absolutely everything you need to have a summer that feels not just easier, but F R E E.

Free from the anxiety, stress and worry that yo-yo dieting gives you, and help you achieve a relationship with food, your body and movement that feels powerful.

What is strong chick summer?

  • 12 week workout program
    • 6 Upper body workouts
    • 6 Lower body workouts 
    • 6 Glute specific days
    • 10 full body blast days
      • BONUS: 
      • 10 full body cardio days
      • 10 core add on workouts
  • 12 week food freedom nutrition program 
  • Summer workout calendar + daily/weekly challenges
  • 24/7 accountability in out private team secret facebook group

More details? I knew I liked you.

The Workout Plan:

  • I knew you needed to keep it short and efficient this summer, so all of your workouts are 30 min or less. 
  • The workouts can all be modified to your fitness level—exercise demos are given for all workouts.
  • You have a complete workout schedule so you know what to do when, I planned all the workouts designed to give you optimal results, and honor your busy AF life. 
  • You'll need access to at least one set of dumbbells and one resistance band.
  • You can do the workouts at home or the gym.

The Nutrition Plan:

  • Your new BFF. Finally a nutrition plan that doesn't suck. Learn how to break up with dieting, and stop restricting, while still reaching your goals. 
  • Recipe book included. I like to call this more of the 'un-recipe book', learn how to make the most simple + badass meals in under 10 min. 
  • Finally find out what you need to eat for your body, while having food you love and maintaining suitable results. 


  • Have 24/7 access to me (your coach!) via our secret FB group! Ask all the questions you want, get support from our badass tribe, and more!
  • Weekly check in included!
  • Self guided homework
  • Tools, videos and strategies to rock the hell out of your summer with ease. 
  • Three 30min phone calls included.


I know you want some serious joy in your life this summer. You want f r e e d o m—and I want to help you get there. 

There's never a right moment to get started, so let's leap together now and begin to unlock the freedom you're looking for. 


Enrollment Open 5/20-5/31

Save $100 on enrollment until 5/25. Use code: summerlovin (only valid on purchasing the full 3 months at once)


When does the program start?

Your program will be delivered to you on June 1st!

What if I'm traveling this summer and can't do all of the workouts? 

Girl, I got you. The workouts range from 7-30 min and can be done, at home, in the gym or bodyweight. 

Are payment plans available? 

You got it! Head to the link above and grab the monthly payment!

Whats the difference between Strong Chick Summer and your VIP program?

My VIP coaching program offers more hands on coaching + custom workouts. VIP gives unlimited email communication, clients have my personal number + weekly email check in's. SCS still offers coaching from me, put it's all in the private FB group and 3 phone calls!

Is the nutrition plan restrictive?

Never. There's no counting, weighing, or stressing around food. Learn how to have complete food freedom while still reaching your goals this summer.