Shakti is a sanskrit word that means “power” or “empowerment”, which is exactly what we want to give you through this 8 week journey. Together, we will help you learn how to listen to your body and empower you to find physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.

  • Do you want to connect to your power as a woman?
  • Do you want crave connection in your life?
  • Are you ready to begin a journey that'll lead you to a deeper sense of self, worthiness and love?

Connect to your mind, body and soul

Connecting the minds of a holistic strength coach, Rachel Turner and an Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Amanda Crichton, we bring you Shakti. The 8 week immersive program that connects each part of the journey in creating a healthy relationship with the way you honor your body through fuel, movement and emotional health.

You can learn to trust your own body.

You can learn to love yourself.

You can learn to end the war you have been battling with your body and come home into it with peace, love, and confidence.


  • Learn how to quiet the mind in the midst of stress and anxiety
  • Reframe your mindset to end negative self talk
  • Learn how to choose joy
  • Learn how to speak and own your truth
  • Learn how to live in an attitude of gratitude 


  • Begin a movement plan that works for your real life
  • Learn how to end dieting forever 
  • Experience what it's like to look and feel confident in your body
  • Let go of cravings, binges, and poor eating behaviors for good


  • Learn how to feel fulfilled as a woman in your everyday life
  • Cultivate a true sense of self love
  • Learn how to meditate as a tool to connect to your power and love
  • Cultivate a sense of stability and grounding in your life

shakti is for you if:

  • You want to create a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • You know you can't navigate this journey on your own anymore and you want to connect with a tribe of like minded women
  • You're ready to take the next step towards self love
  • You're tired of feeling stuck in life 
  • You're prepared to peel back the layers to uncover your truth


  • -8 week mind, body and soul program
  • 1 initial nutrition assessment  with SCR's Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 
  • 1 initial movement assessment with SCR's Holistic Strength Coach
  • 8x 60 min workout group workout sessions
  • 8x 90 min education sessions (nutrition/self love/meditation) + discussion 
  • Weekly check in with your coaches
  • Access to the private accountability on FB
  • 1 Shakti Workbook that includes challenges, activities, and information on each education session
  • A community of women who are supportive of you throughout your Shakti journey 
  • FUN! 

A Peak Into Each Weeks Intention:

Week 1:

  • intro

-Walk through of your Shakti workbook

-Get acquainted with your tribe

-Set intentions for the next 8 weeks

-Create your mantra tool box


Week Two:

  • Establishing a foundation and creating goals with soul.

-Creating individual fitness and nutrition goals that are sustainable.

-Emphasizing movement that is grounding and leaves you feeling empowered.

Week Three:

  • What it means to be happy with yourself + connecting to pleasure without shame. 

-Food cravings + how to navigate out of diet mindset and into your journey of intuitive eating.

-Methods and movements to connect to your divine feminine power as a woman

-Emotional eating and the need to feel full.

Week Four:

  • Learning about the choices we can and cannot control. 

-Letting go of the all or nothing mindset.

-Building confidence in making empowered decisions around food.

-Create a movement plan that is efficient, honoring your time and fitness level.

Week Five:

  • Create a radical sense of self love

-Dive into the HOW of loving your body through change. 

-Create your own personal self love routine.

-Learn how to set intentions for your movement practice.

Week Six:

  • Learn how to use your voice and connect to your truth

-Tools to stand up to your inner critic.

-How to walk through life as a confident woman.

-Become confident in putting YOU first and knowing when to say no.

Week Seven:

  • Learn how to stop judging your journey and body

-Gain tools to help you dig through shame and guilt surrounding food and your body.

-Learn how to trust yourself 

-Focus on the big picture (fitness, nutrition, lifestyle)

Week Eight:

  • Celebration of the connection you've created with your mind, body and soul.

-What is failure and how to learn through your mistakes.

-Defining your gratitude practice.

-Whats next?









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