Macros: Which One Is 'Healthier'?

This weekend I went out to breakfast and ordered:

  • The Power Breakfast: yogurt, granola + fruit with honey on top.

My friend ordered:

  • The Deluxe: 2 eggs, 1 piece of toast, 2 smallish pancakes, 2 pieces of bacon, with potatoes


Which Do You Think Is Healthier?

I was eating this meal and realized, OMG. I am FULL. As I examined our meals and the portions, I thought wow, I think mine is a lot more dense and heavy than I thought it would be.

Pancakes are typically seen as 'bad', and a big bowl of fruit and yogurt would typically be seen as 'good'.

BUT— we know that with intuitively eating, nothing is inherently good or bad, it's just food. However, because you're a Strong Chick, that means you care about nutrition still and it means you still have a desire to be educated when it comes to what you're putting in your body. So let's break down each meal.

The Power Bowl:

Carbs: Fruit, Honey, Granola, Yogurt (it was flavored yogurt which I didn't know before I ordered it, meaning it was full of sugar..not a bad thing, I just didn't know).

Fat: There may be trace amounts in the granola but nothing substantial in this meal.

Protein: The greek yogurt

The Deluxe:

Carbs: Pancakes, toast, potatoes, maple syrup

Fat: Eggs & bacon 

Protein: Eggs & bacon

A Deeper Look

Each meal provides a pretty balanced amount of each macronutrient, though I would have liked to see the Power Bowl have some fat. Here is where it gets interesting:

The Power Bowl:

157g of Carbs

10g of Fat

25g of protein

The Deluxe

119g of Carbs

109g of Fat

29g of Protein

For a HALF OF A PINT of Ben And Jerry's:

62g Of Carbs

30g of Fat

8g of Protein

Okay, so why does all of this matter?

You know that at SCR we DO NOT count, weigh or scale out our food—but knowledge is power, and I want you to see that that somewhat seemingly healthier option, really isn't if you're looking at it from a macronutrient standpoint.

What does this mean for you?

I still want you to order what you want, without fear. Wether it's ice cream, pancakes or a power bowl. 

Here's what I want you to know:

  • You don't have to eat everything just because it's in front of you. I only ate the yogurt + half of the fruit and granola in that power bowl because it was just so much food.
  • ust because it appears to have more "Whole Foods" in it, doesn't mean it's 'better'.
  • When picking what you're going to eat, make sure that you actually want it--regardless of what is. If YOU feel good about it, that's what matters.
  • If you're trying to pick a more balanced meal, make sure you're getting protein, carbs and fat in each meal.
  • If you wanted to pick a more whole, nutrient dense meal out of the two of theses, I would have chosen eggs + bacon with ONE of the carb sources, not all three. 



You Are Not Your Parts

I watched this episode of Girls once and I don't remember who said it, but they said "you are not your parts". 

I heard this and was like holy shit, you're right. I am not my parts. I am not the one bad thing that happened.

Neither are you.

Your sadness is not who you are.

Your heartbreak is not who you are.

The meal you binged on is not who you are.

The way your mother/father/dad/boyfriend/sister/friend treated you, is not who you are.

You are more than the parts and pieces of your life and the things that have happened to you.

You are not your job, your spouse, your family, your car or the clothes you're wearing.

You are YOU, and no one can take that away from you. 

You have the power to rewrite your story at any moment--what will you write?



Why We Don't Do Cheat Meals

My hope is to explain this in a way that begins to make sense for you. I know the idea of simply eating and not seeing sugary or fried things as cheat, pretty much goes against everything you know.

Here we go..

If you're anything like me, your many tries at dieting have left you restricting then binging hard core. What this tells us is that major restriction of foods you actually like is doing more harm than good.

So by incorporating #SCRradicalbalance (foods you love when you want), we cut out the desire to binge by NOT restricting.


Here's a glimpse at some of my meals over the course of a few days (note, not all meals are included because I ate the same thing multiple times)

So you see some pretty "healthy" things like meat and veggies. You also see the meal out I ate + the cinnamon crumb cake + bacon. All things you may not deem "healthy".

What we need to run as happy and functioning humans:


You simply need all three and we can NOT cut any out and achieve long term results. 

So as I navigate my week, I think about the foods I love:

  • Greek food
  • Sauces
  • Bread
  • Cream
  • Cheese
  • Tea cookies from Whole Foods (I have 2-4 each week)

These are the things that 1) don't upset my body (gas,blaoting,acne etc) ), and 2) things I truly love. Having these things prevent me from binging on 4,000 calories in one setting when I restrict all week.

I know you're thinking "I can't have just one piece of bread"...I know exactly how you feel. Doing the above goes against everything you know. BUT if one cookie, some cream in your coffee, bread or lunches out can stop you from binging and feeling the need to "start over" every weekend, why wouldn't you?

How can you do this?

Create YOUR list of foods you love!! What would you love to eat and still reach your goals?

Now, see how you can incorporate these things into your week while still having PLENTY of nutrient dense meals. That's the key here---when most meals are loaded with veggies/protein/fats and carbs when needed, it's okay to throw in some of the other stuff we love.

Here's a sample of how this could look like:

Breakfast: Coffee + creamer// 2 pieces of cinnamon crumb cake + 2 eggs + bacon and tomatoes

Lunch: Big ass salad with lots of veggies + fat and protein

Dinner: Burger bowl: ground beef, sweet potatoes, lima beans.

Day #2

Breakfast: Coffee + creamer// Ezekiel bread toast with 1/2 avocado smashed on it topped with two eggs

Lunch: Big ass salad

Dinner: Hummus plate at greek restaurant + 1 piece of baklava 

See how I'm having things I love, but not going crazy each day? It's not about trying to find something "naughty" to have each day. It's about asking yourself "what will nourish my mind and body the most right now?". Sometimes it'll be eggs + veggies, and some mornings it may be cinnamon crumb cake + eggs. Don't try and find something each day, truly tune in to what it is you want and know that if tomorrow you wanted a cake ball--you could have it. Because you are NOT dieting. You're doing life.


PSA: This is not a free for all to have cookies all day everyday, choose the things you truly love and have 1 or 2--start there.