Hey girl (read that in Ryan Gosling's Voice). You're in college, you want to have fun and explore life on your own...but you also want to feel comfortable in your body. You want to workout but you don't have time, money or confidence to walk into the gym

SCR On Campus is your monthly subscription to having your cake and eating it too. Literally.

Welcome to your Netflix of fitness on campus.

All of this, for less than that PSL you're holding in your hand.

Being a part of SCR Campus means:

  • You're part of a bad ass community
  • You're learning how to apply realalistic tips to your life to help you reach your goals
  • You're learning how to workout with what you have
  • You're learning how to eat healthier on a budget
  • You're learning how to LOVE your body in a new chapter of your life
  • You're gaining confidence 

Who is this for?

  • All women in college
  • Women who want to gain confidence in their body
  • Women who want to get physical results without sacrificing game days, formals and nights with friends
  • Women who need how to learn how to eat healthier with a limited budget + time
  • Women who want to be able to learn how to workout at home, in the gym, outside or even in your dorm!


What does my membership include?

  • Access to new a new workout plan + accompanying workout videos each month
  • New dorm + low budget recipes weekly
  • Grocery lists + sample meal plans weekly
  • New articles/tips and guides weekly that go over snacks, best drinks to get when you go out, self love tips, bonus workouts and more!
  • BONUS! Exclusive private access to the SCR Campus accountability group on Facebook where all of the members from campus' across the nation share their journey, motivate each other, share tips and have a place where they can come together as a community!
  • BONUS: Free copy of Strong Glutes Rock, the six week glute building workout program + The SCR 7 Day Finisher Guide. 7 of the best SCR cardio workouts--FREE to the first 50 women that sign up!

What are current Campus Babes saying?

"It's exactly what I've been looking for!"

"I love how I don't have to walk across campus to get to my gym now, I can do all of these workouts at home!"

"I LOVE how simple the recipes are!"

"I had no idea I could get such amazing results without going to my gym!"

"I love knowing that I can still enjoy game days with confidence--her articles on drinking help me make better choices!"