10+ Meatless Protein Options

When it comes to vegan/ vegetarian protein sources there are a few key things you must know:


  • You need protein to not only sustain life, but to lose body fat, and especially gain muscle. 
  • Every single person requires a different amount of protein per day, there is no one equation that adheres to everyone. For people who do eat meat, about a palm full or one cup of protein per meal = 20-25g of protein. HOWEVER, plant based proteins are typically made up of more than just protein.
  • Things like quinoa, peanut butter and kale have protein, but the amount you'd have to eat, to equate to the amount of protein you'd get eating chicken, would be ALOT. More than likely if you're piling up on quinoa, you're feeling a little stuffed, maybe tired etc.
  • So when you see on the packaging of meat alternatives, look at the serving size on the back to make sure you're getting AT LEAST 14g of protein minimum, this would be on the low end as well. 
  • Good vegan protein is hard to come by, the one I listed below is one that even people who aren't vegan would love. I would use protein powder only 1-2x daily. It's not a meal replacement, just to supplement when needed. 

Note: I would never tell anyone to look at labels, but when you're not eating meat and choosing alternatives, it's important to at least get comfortable with where you're getting it from. 


Here's a selection of alternative meat choices that all have 14 +g of protein per serving!

All items were found at Whole Foods!



How To Make The BEST Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Roasted sweet potatoes are my jam. So crispy and delicious.

I want to teach you how to recreate the goodness.



  1. Preheat oven to 400.
  2. Slice potatoes into circles
  3. Lay them in a baking sheet then drizzle olive oil + salt, pepper, garlic powder on top. Do this to both sides
  4. Let bake at 400 for 20-30 min. Flipping half way through. That way both sides get nice and crispy.


Do the SAME technique of oil and seasonings for the broccoli, however they just need 10-15 min total if that!