Strong Chicks Rock Personal Training

I know you, you're smart and you want to feel at home in your body. You want to feel powerful in your workouts, but you're confused by all of the noise with online workouts. You feel like you spend too much googling how to do moves, and not enough working in a way that makes sense for your body.

You want simple, but also efficient. You're a busy woman who needs a training program + coach that honors your specific goals and body. 

I got you.

Strong Chicks Rock offer small group personal training that meets you exactly where you're at, and even though you're in a group—you're with like minded (kind) women, and get the opportunity to work at your fitness level + pace. 


What's Working With Me Like?

Here's how it works:

  • I meet you and we talk, we go over your goals and what you hope to achieve, I ask you questions, you ask me questions and I make sure you're super comfortable going into your first session. 
  • You get an in depth assessment so I can see how your body moves. Finding any imbalances, tightness, weaknesses or injuries we need to focus on in your training. 
  • Each session will look like:
    • 5 min warm up
    • 30 min strength training session using kettle bells, resistance bands, dumbbells, and TRX.
    • 10 min finisher (smart cardio)
    • 5 min cool down + open Q&A
  • All fitness levels are welcomed as each move is broken down in detail + progressions or regressions are given appropriately so you're working at YOUR fitness level. 

This add on option is ideal for women in Columbus who want some more one on one attention, who want to gain confidence in their movement & get stronger in the privacy of their own home.

You'll always leave your Strong Chick's Rock sessions feeling empowered, more confident in your movement and ready to tackle the week. We move with a purpose, we have fun, and we are chill. We modify to each individuals fitness level so you feel excited showing up to each session. Seriously. Women who come work with me in person always leave saying things like "OMG I didn't know you could modify things and still feel challenged." OR "I didn't know I could actually enjoy fitness." Let's have some fun, okay? We straight up throw kettlebells and honestly nothing feels more powerful than chucking kettlebells across Columbus, just sayin.


Strong Chick Rock sessions are fun. Point blank. All body types, race, sexualities and humans welcome—this is a safe space to learn, grow and have fun. 


If you're looking for the hardest bootcamp/training in the world, I can confidently say this isn't it. Instead of beating you into the ground, I want to help you build a solid foundation that allows you to work hard, get results and have fun. So if you're looking to get stronger, work hard, complete a fitness program that meets you where you're at and is free of judgement--this, I can promise, is that. 




$150 2x/week

$199 3x/week

What does this include?

  • 2-3 weekly sessions
  • A customized workout program to do on days you're on your own
  • Access to the SCR member site (member only articles, bonus workouts, medications, yoga flows and more!)
  • Access to the secret SCR accountability group