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You have a great idea, and maybe even a great offer. You feel like you know your niche, and yet your client roster isn’t nearly what you want it to be. People tell you, ‘you’re so inspiring’ all the time, but they aren’t buying…right?

It’s not you, it’s your messaging.


Business can feel maddening because everyone is shouting at you:

  • Grow your email list!

  • Make the best freebie ever!!!


  • SCALE! 1:1 is DEAD.

  • Courses are amazing, make one!

  • Write a book!!!!

  • Do a podcast!!!

And you’re like…


Can I tell you a secret?

If your messaging, meaning, what you write, how you write it, and who you write it too—doesn’t completely wow someone, none of those things above matter.

No one is going to the link in your bio to apply, if the post you wrote to get them there isn’t knocking their socks off.

No one is getting on your email list, which is all just a bunch of words—unless the words you used to get them there don’t make them think ‘this is worthy enough, and exciting enough, to make me leave instagram’.


As a coach going into my 8th year, I know that you don’t need more information, you need implementation.

You need to become a master wordsmith.

Be able to woo someone with your words.

I’m going to let you in on another secret, people don’t buy programs, they buy into people.

They buy your offer, program, product etc because they are moved by your words, and how you show up.

When you can show someone you know them better than they know themselves, and join the conversation they’re already having in their head—you create trust.

When you’re able to move someone from one emotional state to another, for your clients, that looks like showing them that you know their pain, and being able to make them see the transformation— people say, ‘yes them. I need them to be my coach’.

You don’t need another course, you need to know the exact way to connect, land, and get into the mind of your dream client—I teach people how to do that.

signals you need Once Upon a time on instagram:

  • You say you know your dream client, but no one is signing up from your email list at all, if they are—it’s 1-2 people.

  • When you launch something, you get 1-5 people, and think to yourself ‘this is embarrassing, I should just refund them their money’.

  • When it comes time to post, you panicyou feel like you have writers block, which confuses you because you know your dream client, yet you still feel stuck.

  • People tell you that you’re so inspiring, and LOVE what you do—but they don’t sign up.

  • You follow what feels like a million business coaches, and try to mimic how they write—which works until you feel like you’re copying them and don’t sound like yourself.

  • When launch time comes, you don’t know how to get people into your applications or sign up without saying things like “if you’re interested” or “doors are open”.

  • You dream about your client roster filling up, working with people you love.

Your copy matters more than you think, which is more annoying to come to grips with than being told ‘give value!’. Here’s why:

  • When you get into the DMs with someone, or an email—and get ghosted. This typically happens because the conversation went astray.

  • When you think someone is going to sign up, then they say “let me think about it'“—you freak and don’t know what to do.

  • When you’re talking about your offer, do you word vomit it because you’re so passionate? Or can you clearly communicate what you do and how it benefits the client so they sign up then and there?

  • Are you able to make someone stop their scroll on IG? Are you able to get them into your applications? enroll in your program? Download your freebie?

  • When you’re writing any, and every single post or social blast that goes out. Are you talking to the right kind of buyer at the right time? Do you know how to pivot conversation based on buyer psychology and the bio-feedback you’re getting from engagement?

  • When you’re coaching clients, do you know how to communicate what comes second nature to you in a way that makes their transformation feel easy, and supportive so they don’t fall off?

  • Do people see you as motivational, or as an authority figure?


Your writing creates connection, makes someone feel heard, creates trust, and in doing all of this—enables that person to stop sayingwow, you’re so inspiring’ to ‘take my fucking credit card, I need you to coach me!’.


  • Posts written with ease, that convert.

  • Knowing how to talk to the six different kinds of buyers, and how to close each one of them without feeling gross.

  • Clients + an audience that love you, and feel deeply connected to you, while also knowing that you’re the only person who could solve their problems.

  • Never feeling like you have writers block, ever again. Literally, ever.

  • Writing sales copy pages that do their job—and result in the biggest, happiest, easiest launches you’ve ever had.

  • Dream clients saying yes to your prices with more comfort than you’ve ever experienced.

  • Confidence in the fact your message is landing with accuracy, ease and results.

  • Getting applications regularly, no more 1-3 a month.

It’s time to get clear, compelling, and concise.

Before you take a look of the structure of what the next six weeks of working with me will look like, I need you to know this—writing is about making someone feel seen, and creating connection. Writing is the lifeline of your business. A good writer doesn’t just write to manipulate feelings because they know how, a good writer speaks the truth, speaks it well, even if their voice shakes—and writes to connect. You’ll see a lot of words like ‘convert’, and yeah—I’ll teach you how to do those things—but only when your heart is in the right place.

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If you’ve ever felt like you have writers block, or don’t know how to write epic sales copy + launch content—it may be because you know your niche, but not well enough. Don’t worry, this isn’t niche 101, this is AP, honors level niching.


How to communicate your transformation.

How to get into their head, and get that into writing.

What makes a message land to your dream client.

130 post templates to help you talk to them.

There are 6 video modules here.

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Step into the world of the buyers mind. Get a masterful understanding of what makes someone say yes, and how to apply this to everything you write.


The three different kind of audiences you have on all platforms, and how to connect with + sell to each (without feeling gross).

The six different kinds of buyers (within those audiences) and how to communicate with each buyer.

There are 3 videos, and 1 content calendar.

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Great coaches with successful businesses have one thing in common, an epic understanding of how to communicate their unique truth to the world with extreme clarity. This is one of the most sought after lessons I teach. Master the art of storytelling.


The kitchen table effect (how to actually get people to want to listen to your stories, and read your work).

The exact structure of posts that make people stop their scroll and make them take action.

The 12 different kinds of posts to make on IG + FB. How to make them and when to post them (24 templates).

How make someone stop and say, this is for me. I need this.

The Picture Method. How to help your dream client see themselves in your program before they buy, so they toss their credit card at you right away.

There are 7 video modules, 2 workbooks and 3 worksheets.

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It’s not in simply knowing your dream clients, it’s the structure of your wording that connects you, and moves them into action.


Readability and making sure the tone of your message feels like you, and not scripted.

75+ post headlines.

Specificity, Appositions, and Senses—AKA: the magic in your writing.

What needs to be in an email sequence + how to make an epic freebie.

Sales copy pages that convert without funnels or $$ on ads.

5 videos, 75+ templates, and 1 workbook.

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There is an art to making someone feel comfortable, seen and heard in the DMs, or your email. In 8 years of coaching, I’ve only ever gotten clients straight from my inbox (and I have a six figure business).


How to get someone in your DMs + what to say once their in there.

The six step process to pitching and closing your offer, product or program, without feeling gross.

Effective communication skills + how to navigate vulnerability and authority.

3 videos, 2 heart centered sales scripts that don’t feel gross (promise), and 1 worksheet.

Once Upon A Niche-12.png

To make your life easier, and the implementation process that more effective—I’m giving you templates for every single thing you could need.


Sales copy page template.

Email sequence (warm hug) template that leads into enrollment or launch.

24 full blown instagram post templates + over 75 headlines and 50 story prompts.


I’m Rachel Turner—Your coach!

As a Business and Life Mentor, going into my 8th year of coaching, and published author, I knew this program needed to exist. So I created the thing I wished, and dreamed for when I was trying to ‘make it’.

I live a happy life, and full life—not void of pain and struggle, but I went from sleeping on floors, and eating at the food pantry, to years of consistent 5 figure months.

I’m not the coach who will make you a millionaire. I am the coach who has a specific skill set that when applied to your business—will radically change your life.

My ability to write is what gave me success, not a business coach, not a course—how I wrote.

Now I’m teaching you the exact methods and processes I’ve used for myself, and my 500+ business coaching clients that’s taken them from 0 inquires, and feeling gross getting people into the door—to easy launches, amazing connections and applications being filled out the ass.

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Are you an action taker?

If you enroll by 8/20 you’ll get 1 week of slack access to me—so I can help edit your posts, give you feedback, help you write your sales copy or email sequence. This is $699 value alone.

In addition to slack access….

You’ll also get the full Brave Business Launch Course, a $2500 course—for free.

I thought, okay, so now they know how to write—so let me give them the step by step process they need to launching.

-4 videos

-3 different launch calendars

-2 launch strategies

-30 day post calendar

Once upon a time on instagram-3.png

Everyone who enrolls in OUATOI by 8/20 is going to shit their pants. I didn’t mess when it came to giving you everything you need in this program.

Slack Access:

  • Simply by enrolling during pre-sale, at any point during the six weeks of Once Upon A Time, you’ll be able to have 5 days of full blown text access to me via slack. Want me to edit your posts? Your sales copy page? Guide you through your launch? ($699 value)

The Launch Course:

  • By paying in full, you’re given the second coolest thing I’ve ever made. I wanted you to be able to take everything you learned in Once Upon A Time, then be able to drag and drop into a launch formula that makes sense for your life. No more winging it, or mimicking what you think is successful— you’ll get three different launch templates + 2 badass strategies and everything you need to know about how to launch (how long, when to post, what to post, what to do in stories etc). ($2500 value)

There comes a day in your business when you realize that you know your shit, and you know it well. Of course you still seek to learn because, #beginnersmindset. But, you know that at this point..


You need to be able to deliver your expertise and passion, in a way that sinks into the heart and minds of your community. In a way that gets people to say ‘YES I NEED THEM TO BE MY COACH”.

Whats Included

  • The six week course

  • 1x weekly Q&A call with your questions answered

  • Everyone who enrolls will be put into a slack group with all 33 womxn who enrolled. Ask your questions, and connect with other members

  • Anyone who enrolled during pre-sale will get 1 week 1:1 access to me via slack

  • The launch course (to anyone who pays in full)

Enough of you wondering why you your clients keep going to your competitor, or why they’re signing up with someone who hasn't been in the game as long as you.

Less anxiously trying to sell haphazardly to people.

Less lowering your prices just to get clients.

Less awkward conversations.

Less confusion in your DMs and emails.

Less wanting to pull your hair out during a launch.

More clients in the door.

More clients ready, and happy to pay you what you’re worth.

More community.

More connection.

More impact.

More ease.

What if, you know you need more?

If you’re sold on the course, but know you need more access to someone. More hands and eyes in your business, VIP may be for you.

There are 5 VIP spots available.

Is it for you?

  • Love 1:1 support, with easy access to a coach.

  • Craving specifics designed for your business.

  • Big fan (huge) of team calls (or recorded ones if you can’t make it)

  • Needs a strategy for launches that works for YOUR program/product or offer.


Q: Is a payment plan available?

A: Yes! You can make 2 payments of $327.

Q: When do we start?

A: Because there’s access to me, we all start together on

Q: What if I’m really busy and can’t do it in real time?

A: All Q&A calls are recorded, and you have lifetime access to the course, so no worry at all!

Q: Do I have to have a business yet to go through the course?

A: Nope! You can simply have an idea (actually, this will be perfect if you don’t have a business yet). No matter where you are, this is applicable.

Q: Do I have to be in the fitness industry?

A: Not at all. This is for ANY person who uses the online space (social, website or email) to grow their business.

Q: What does communication with you look like?

A: Anyone in pre-sale gets one week slack access to me. This must be one of the six weeks you’re in the program. Everyone who enrolls will get to be put into a a slack group, where I’ll pop into once day, and do one recorded Q&A video each week answering any questions you have throughout the week.

Q: When do we start?

A: Everyone gets access and begins together on 8/29!