“If they only knew how hard you had to fight for this, Rachel. In these times of not enough you continue to create space for us all to be exactly enough. When you offer us your time and attention we feel superhuman. You are realistic, fair, empathetic, and curious. You create a togetherness when so many of us feel an otherness. You are a gift. Wise beyond your years and strong as an ox. Your determination and persistence is rare. Thank you for letting us in. Thank you for sharing your story. I am grateful and so are they.” —Sara Schnipper, who wrote the foreword of Brave and Afraid.


Real stories and lessons on leaning into both courage and fear.

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How many times have you been told you need to punch your fear in the face, or that your fear isn't real? Hesitantly you try and take this advice, yet despite all your best efforts, your fear is very much so alive within you. This book gives you the permission to feel your fear and do the scary thing anyway. Filled with real stories and lessons, Brave and Afraid gives you tools and insight on how to be a human being feeling the whole scale of human emotions, while still living a brave and courageous life. 

An honest, sometimes silly, and occasionally heartbreaking journey into realizing that we’re all scared and learning how to honor that fear and understand how to leap into the life we crave and desire most.

In Brave and Afraid you’re going to laugh, possibly cry, and learn how to reject the notion you must punch your fear away.