The Strong Chicks Rock Campaign is a movement empowering women to create a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Breaking women free from diets, and bringing them back home, into a place of love and power. Through educational curriculums, school assemblies and a resource library for women, The Strong Chicks Rock Campaign provides women the tools they need to take hold, and unapologetically rock their life.


In 2013 I created Strong Chicks Rock, an online platform for women to work one on one with me, a personal trainer, to be able to reach their health and fitness goals. Shortly after launching and beginning to work with over 500 women, I learned that most of these women knew nothing about nutrition, working out, or how to love their body. I began to think about what I had learned in school, when it came down to it--I didn't learn anything about loving my body, how to fuel it OR how to move it. 

What I learned about these things came out of the pages of popular magazines and Pinterest. Mainstream media taught me that I had to be small to be loved, that dieting was always the answer and that self love is something only accessible to small women.

Working one on one was great, and still something that I love and enjoy— but something had to be done to change the way we as women learn about our bodies. 

My clients were coming to me unaware of what self love looked like, unaware of how to live without fear of food, and unaware as to how to move their bodies without seeing fitness as punishment for food eaten.

My solve to this issue was to create The Strong Chicks Rock Campaign. A resource for women, parents, teachers and schools to be able how to learn how to navigate the journey of being an empowered women free from dieting, and happy in her body.

The Strong Chicks Rock Campaign equips you with resources, tools and activities to be a part of the movement that educates women on how to rock their life without being confined by the message that small is the only way to be happy. 

Learn how to eat intuitively, move in a way that honors your body, and truly learn to love and accept yourself.


According to one study done, 42 % of 1st-3rd graders want to be thinner. 

Another study states that 81% of 10 year olds are afraid to be fat.

The kind of culture that we as women live in teach us through fear based methods that we must be smaller, that being small equates to being happy—this isn't true, but no one teaches you that.

If you don't play a sport in school, you aren't given the opportunity to learn how to workout. Which leaves it up to the girl herself to learn. With not much positive education on movement and food out there, these girls and women are left to research on their own. The education being focused on weight-loss, with minimum focus on how to love yourself and lead a healthy life. 

This kind of self taught education, with no real direction other than weight loss, is reinforcing the fact of being small.

Women need to be taught how to move their bodies out of love and respect and not out of shame and guild for food eaten.

Women need to be educated on how to make empowered decisions around food, so that their lives aren't centered around the restrict, binge then shame pattern. 

Women need to be taught how to love their bodies. They need to be educated and empowered on how to live a confident, and happy life.

As parents, teachers, educators and friends, we can join forces and begin to give women the tools they need to learn how to trust and love their bodies. 



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