Hi, I'm Rachel Turner--

founder of Strong CHicks Rock. 




As a woman who searched for years to feel confident and happy in her body,  I kept finding myself in this constant circle of diet, restrict, binge, self hate, and then start all over again. When what I truly wanted at the core of it all was to love myself.

Self love was never something I was taught. I had heard about it but couldn't wrap my mind around the concept of loving your body--it seemed completely unattainable.

In trying to achieve the "perfect body", I lost myself in diet after diet. I found myself in a deep spiral of disordered eating habits, binging and felt like I was a prisoner of of my own body. Monday would come and I would promise myself, "this time it will work", only to find myself back at square one.

I couldn't focus on anything other than food. Family events were my biggest nightmare because I knew they would lead to a spiral of binges. Relationships were disastrous because I never felt comfortable in my body. I didn't trust myself or my body anymore.

Years of dieting and nothing seemed to be "working".

I felt lost, scared, not hopeful and at this point I would have done anything to be able to love myself.

I searched for a program, something to help me not hate my body. At this point I wasn't concerned with abs or having a thigh gap, I wanted to look in the mirror and finally feel good--happy, confident and at peace with what I was looking at.

I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I sought out on a fierce mission-- committing to love myself.

I began to slowly let go of the diet mindset, and began to learn how to practice self care, trust my body and intuitively eat. I also worked on my relationship with how I viewed movement. Taking it from only a form of making myself smaller, to seeing it as a way to feel connected and grounded in my body.

With time, I shed the layers of disordered eating and poor relationship with food and my body--and I discovered a place within myself full of power, love and peace.

The war with my body was a nightmare. It was long, it was tiring and it wore me into the ground. The journey to freedom was raw and liberating, it took patience to learn how to trust myself--but I did it. It felt rebellious going against everything society teaches you about what you should do with your body.

I created Strong Chicks Rock because it was exactly what I was searching for when I wanted to learn how to love my body.

I wanted to give women a place where they could learn how to honor their own body through food, movement and self-love, while being part of a tribe of women that encourages and supports them--knowing they are never alone.


Strong Chicks Rock is for women who want to gain a more empowered relationship with food and their body. For women who want to learn how to work out efficiently, so their whole world doesn't revolve around food and the gym. For women who want to finally feel at home in their body. For women who have had enough yo-yo dieting, and want to learn how to get results that last.

You've come to a place that encourages women to feel their feelings, embracing fear, and moving through it anyway. A place where self-discovery is encouraged through the pathway of getting strong, both physically and mentally. You've come to a place where you can wholeheartedly and authentically be yourself and, in the process, fall in love with yourself.


I think late 90's/early 2000's movies are the best, women can make the first move, butter is magical and should be spread out to the edges on toast, cream in coffee is one of the best parts of the morning and nothing makes me happier than belly laughing with my best friends.

Favorite 90/early 2000's movie: Impossible to pick, but here are a few I love:

  • Coyote Ugly

  • My Best Friends Wedding

  • Riding In Cars With Boys

  • Runaway Bride

  • Where The Heart Is

  • Matilda

  • Practical Magic

Favorite Breakfast:

Everything bagel toasted with plain cream cheese, lox and onions—from New Jersey, not from NYC. Jersey bagels are everything. 

If you could be any TV character who would you be?

I'm not sure who I would want to be, but I think Peyton Sawyer is who I most resonate to on a TV show. #OTHforever.