The change in how women see and treat their bodies starts with just one person willing to get involved and learn. Here's how YOU can make a difference. 


As a parent, you can visit the parent hub to learn how to talk to your daughter about body positivity, self love, movement and nutrition. 

Teachers + Educators

If you're a teacher or educator and you'd like to be a part of the movement by incorporating the campaign into how you teach and work with women, you can use these tools:

  • Bring Founder Rachel Turner into your class or school assembly to educate on the campaign itself. Topics include:
    • Nutrition

      • Diet Statistics

      • The Impact Of Social Media & Nutrition

      • Learning How To Eat For Your Body
      • How To Let Go Of Diet Mindset
    • What Is Self Love?
    • Learn How To Move Your Body & Not Use Fitness To Punish It ( FREE SCR Love Your Body Workout Guide Given Out!)
    • Girl Hate & How To Move Past Comparison
    • How To Be Kind To Your Body + Others
    • How To Rock Your Life
  • Print out one of these 3 FREE guides that educate on self love, nutrition & movement.
  • Bring Founder Rachel Turner in to teach your class/team how to workout.


College Campus'

  • Start a Strong Chicks Rock Chapter at your school. Want a supportive community of women as you navigate being a college student? Need a workout plan that recognizes your hectic life and little time allotted to fitness? Want to learn how to navigate the freshmen 15 with confidence? Starting a chapter at your school is easy! Email: to get set up. In the subject line include your school, in the body include your name, IG handle and why you'd like a chapter at your school.

Chick On The Quest Of Total Freedom:

You're a woman who wants to learn how to move in a way that honors her body, letting go of seeing fitness as punishment. You want to learn how to FINALLY have food freedom, and you're ready how to rewrite the story you've been living and learn how to love your body and rock your life. Here's what you can do:

  • Use the hashtag #thestrongchicksrockcampaign in your social media posts on self love, fitness and nutrition. Share with us how you're living an empowered life. Let us see those sweaty selfies where you're doing your SCR workouts. We want to see how you're learning how to live that diet free life! We support you babe—you have a whole community behind you, the best way for us to follow your journey is by using the hashtag and tagging ME: @strongchicksrock.
  • Use any of the resources HERE in the library. You have access to the FREE SCR Handbook here!
  • Want more support and to get a customized approach to your own food freedom + fitness and self love journey? You can join The Strong Chicks Rock Monthly Membership. This option is for women who would like an individualized plan that includes:
    • You get an in depth assessment that allows me to create a workout plan tailored to your fitness level, time, space and likes/dislikes.
    • You're provided with a 4 week workout program designed specifically for you (updated monthly)
    • 24/7 Support: You are not alone, babe! You have access to me through email and our private Facebook group all day, everyday!
    • BONUS: The SCR Self Love Journal + The 3 Day Get Out Of A Funk Guidebook
    • BONUS: Access to the SCR membership website. This private website which you'll gain access to is full of bonus workouts, a whole video library of exercises, workouts, guided mediations, recipes and more! It's updated each week with brand NEW content to help you navigate your journey with confidence. 
  • You can donate! Your donation allows The Strong Chicks Rock Campaign to visit schools all of the US for FREE. Empowering women to honor their bodies through food, movement and self love.