The Strong Chicks Rock 6 Week Holiday Strength Guide


The Strong Chicks Rock 6 Week Holiday Strength Guide


I know you, and I know how busy this holiday season is going to feel for you. I also know that every year it feels like you have to be all in or all out when it comes to fitness and nutrition, right?

This year I wanted you to stress less—so I created you a six week workout program with every workout being under 25 min. 

Here's the deal, while yes, if you do the workouts 2-3x per week, you may very well lean out and find some more muscle definition and you'll for sure feel stronger. 

But that's not why I created this program. 

I wholeheartedly believe that if you move a muscle you can change a mindset, and this holiday season I want you to feel strong, confident and empowered. 

So let's focus on feeling less stress, more confident and more empowered. 

You're going to be shocked at how much you can get in during such a short period of time.

The name of the game is efficiency—you'll get your butt kicked (appropriately), and feel sweaty and amazing after each workout. 

Whether your a beginner, or advanced athlete, you'll be able to scale the workout to your fitness level.

You'll have:

  • 3 glute focused workouts
  • 3 cardio/conditioning workouts
  • 2 full body
  • 2 upper body


  • 2 core add on workouts!


This program is for any woman who wants to learn how to make movement work for her busy AF life, without stressing to go to the gym or waste hours training when she could be wrapping gifts, binge watching Netflix or hanging with her fam. 

Is that you?


I can't wait for you to get your hands on this program, you're going to love it. 


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