Strong Glutes Rock


Strong Glutes Rock


Strong Glutes Rock is a six week glute training program that is used to build stronger, more functional and more defined glutes. 

In SGR you have:

  • 3 glute focused workouts
  • 3 conditioning workouts 


  • 2 full body workouts

It's challenging, it's badass and it will build you strong glutes, get you leaner and teach you how to move with efficiency.

Your program will work on a 3 day a week protocol, 2 full glute days + 1 full body strength.

Your program comes with video demonstrations of each movement as well as modifications for each move. 

You will need access to a gym to do this.


  • The first 50 to sign up get the Strong Chicks Rock Core Training ebook (10 different core strengthening workouts)
  • The first 10 people to sign up get to be a part of the private SCR FB accountability group.

**upon purchase you get full access to the program.  

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