We see you. No, like we really see you. You’re busy AF. You feel like you have zero time for yourself between trying to make it to work on time, manage a social life (kinda), possibly date, be a kind human, and somehow fold the fitted sheet—why didn’t they teach us this in school?

Here’s the thing, we aren’t really a fan of the word busy, but we know that’s how you feel. Your life is full, and constantly asking so much of you.

You’re giving life what it asks, while neglecting what you need.

Raise your hand if… you want to feel more at home in your body, more confident, happier, and more at ease but the mere idea of any kind of workout, gym time, or self care makes you either want to roll your eyes, or makes you pissed because you don’t know where to fit it in?

You need, no no no—you’d cut your left leg off for a simple and easy way to feel more at home in your body while honoring your full AF life, right?

Meet your new BFF..Busy Badass

BB is a 30 day interactive fitness and self care plan for women who feel like they have zero time to feel more grounded or empowered in their body and lives but so desperately crave both of those things.

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Connect with other busy AF women who get it. Our private community of busy badasses will give you a place to not only connect with your coaches daily, but connect with other women who know what it’s like to try and fit it all in to their full and packed lives.

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Get your hands on this 30 day workout plan that gives you four 15 min workouts a week that you can do from home—yeah, we made it that easy for you.

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Learn what self care can actually look like when you only have 5 min a day. No manicures found here, you’re going to get your hands on the tools that TRULY provide you with a deeper sense of ease, connection and confidence to your body without sacrificing money or time.

  • 30 days of workouts that can be done in 20 min or less

    • 4 upper body

    • 4 lower body

    • 4 full body

    • 4 full body conditioning days

  • 30 day step by step self care breakdown.

    • Each day you’ll learn how a self care tool that can be done in under 5 min.

  • Daily accountability emails sent straight to your inbox from your coaches!

  • 1 weekly live webinar with Rachel and Mik. This is where you can ask all of your questions on how to finding motivation to workout, how to navigate food when you’re busy AF and anything else you want to know!

  • Exclusive access to the private FB group where you can ask questions, get support, and share your wins.

Busy Badass was a game changer for me. I always thought workouts had to be an hour long to ‘count’, and that I couldn’t get results without that kind of dedication. BB helped me stay consistent, reach my goals and most importantly I felt empowered after each workout and really accomplished knowing that I fit this INTO my life with ease.
— Ashley P.

Is BB for you? We think it is, but use this check list to see if you identify with who this is for:

  • You’re always in the all or nothing mindset when it comes to fitness. You think that if you can’t (insert rage voice) go haarrrd— that it doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t work out anyway. You need workouts that can be done at home to really help you feel stronger, more empowered and consistent.

  • You want so badly to feel more at home in your body, but you don’t know where to start with self care because everything seems really complex. You want simple + efficient tools that work into your life in under 5 min.

  • You don’t want to be slave to the gym, or some annoying diet plan. You want so simple it’s silly otherwise you’re out. You value your social life (or Netflix and chill life) and don’t want to give up your free time for gainz. We get you, don’t worry.

Busy Badass made me feel like a fucking badass. As someone who hates the gym, and didn’t want to ever go—having simple workouts that I can do at home in 15 min and not sacrifice my Netflix or family time was everrrrything.
— Mollie S.
The daily love notes sent to my inbox made me feel really supported. I always started my day knowing Mik and Rachel were there for me.
— Emma G.
Rachel and Mik made everything my busy life needed to feel more connected to my body. Don’t know how they did it, but I’m so grateful for them.
— Jeni R.


Rachel is a busy AF entrepreneur, mom and food freedom coach. She’s the founder of Strong Chicks Rock—a 1:1 coaching program for women who are trying to feel more normal around food, their body and life. She definitely doesn’t know how to fit the folded sheet, and she never has motivation to workout—but, she loves the way movement makes her feel so she gets down with short and efficient AF training sessions so she feels more grounded in her body.

She’s a big (HUGE) fan of Julia Roberts, anything with literally any correlation to fall, bagels, and dance parties.

She believes that when women learn how to feel free around food, and in their body—they can then begin to feel free and at home in ALL aspects of their lives.

She’s worked 1:1 with over 800 women in the last 7 years, and she’s currently happy dancing Meredith Grey style knowing that you—the busy AF woman, may get to experience Busy Badass.



Mik is a buuuuussy AF food freedom coach who works with women all over the world helping them bridge the gap of feeling crazy, stressed, and anxious in their body and around food to feeling confident, secure and grounded.

She believes that chocolate chip cookies should always be eaten goey and warm, that 2000’s Avril dance parties can make your days at least 50% better, and that women (and men) can be healthy, happy, and confident at any size.

Mik has helped thousands of women reach food freedom and body confidence. If there’s one thing she’s phenomenal at (aside from talking in weird accents) it’s helping women find their peace.

Mik is also happy dancing right now, because she knows you’re like two seconds away from hitting ‘buy’ and she knows that your life is about to changed.




The thing about Busy Badass that truly is, so badass—is that working with Mik and I each month would cost you a decent amount of money, like $1000 street tacos. We care about you getting the amount of street tacos you need to live your best life, so we packed a ton of value, communication with us, education, and badassery into one program at a price that allows you have your tacos and eat them too.

Are you a Busy Badass who needs just a bit more? We got you. When you’re purchasing BB, you have two options—

  • Busy Badass The 30 Day Program

  • Busy Badass The 30 Day Program + 2 clarity calls with Mik and Rachel.

    • In these two clarity calls, we’ll help you weave the workouts + self care tools into your specific goals and life. You’ll have two 30 min calls to go ask us questions, establish your goals, and get the 1:1 support you need. Both Mik and Rachel will be on the call with you!

15 min a day and stupid simple self care—hooked for life.
— Amanda L.

October is Domestic Abuse Awareness month. We have both been in abusive relationships, so this month holds a tender spots in our hearts. We are donating a portion of our total proceeds to a safe house in Ohio created for women and children who are fleeing abusive relationships. In order to keep the house safe, we can’t disclose the name. With that, your purchase of Busy Badass is not only allowing you to create a dope AF realationship with movement and your body while honoring your busy life, but it’s going towards creating a safer space for women who need help, and freedom. We can’t thank you enough for your contribution in making this possible.