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I teach women in helping professions who have big, gigantic, hearts—that are filled to the brim with passion, how to grow their business without being gross.

As a coach going into my 8th year, having worked with over 1800 women, I can look back now and see I was always the classic “I would do this for free” coach, and I did. I coached people for free because my heart was just that big. The thing about having a big heart without boundaries, is that that job you wish to create the freedom you crave, both time freedom and financial freedom, is often unattainable when you’re only working from a passion based place.

Can you relate?

I get it. I get it because I know you, and your big fucking heart. You want to make a massive impact, and you want your income to reflect, but because you’re so heart based, you have a particularly hard time admitting that you actually want money. Which further keeps you in this cycle that feels never ending.

Which is where I come in—I’m not a regular business coach, I’m a cool business coach (say this in Regina George’s moms voice).

I’m not here to make you a millionaire—yeah no, you need to get clear on some things, and set a mad strong foundation of who you are, what you want to do, and how you want to do it before we get you there. I teach you those things so you can go from sporadic income to consistent 2-10k months.

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If we’re being honest, which you need, and it’s the only way I navigate—it’s a 6 month 1:1 coaching program for women in helping professions (online fitness coach, sex coach, therapist, healer, business coach etc) who wants their passion to stay high and not crumble under what most business coaches will tell you do (ya know, the things that feel scammy and don’t align with your big heart).

But.. it’s not just business coaching. It’s life coaching with business coaching all tied into one really vulnerable, structed but still flowy place. You can’t just focus on your business, and you can’t just focus on your life, or you fitness. Well, you can, but your passion based wallet probably doesn’t want to pay for three coaches, and your emotional capacity to serve, and feel like a normal human will crumble if only one is addressed.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Clarity on WHO you work with and how you work with them. Basically we’ll create a badass, extremely desirable offer that elicits people to hurl their credit card over to you so you don’t word vomit on them anymore.

  • Selling without being gross. Learn my six step method to getting clients directly from IG, and your application form without ever feeling like a nasty car salesman. We’ll cover launching, and other ways to constantly place your offer in the world (no, your following doesn’t matter).

  • Systems and processes for running your business with efficiency. Learn how to collect payments, create applications, design your website, your your email list, create freebies—and all the stuff your big passionate heart probably gets frustrated doing.

  • How to woo the world with your words. We focus heavily on how to communicate who you are, how you help, and what you do with compelling copy. The way you write determines if someone will work with you—this is the most important thing you’ll learn here (in regards to business). Without knowing how to write in a way that draws your ideal client in, and write to them with empathy and understanding—no one will leap from your IG to the link in your bio.

  • How to maintain consistent 2-10k months by creating tailored action plans that will be duplicatable, and doable once our coaching is over.


  • Vulnerability and courage—understand how to be empathetic and vulnerable, with strong boundaries so YOU, and your community feel connected and strong.

  • Effective leadership. Get a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a confident leader without confirming to the rest of the world.

  • How to stand tall in who you are, while managing your emotions, life hardships, and other very human things.

  • You’ll get fun things too, like a workout plan if desired (so you don’t have to hire another coach), time on your calls to go over your life, and your life coaching action plan as well as your business, and a new monthly book sent to you in the mail.

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In Brave Enough Business coaching, you also get lifetime access to the Brave Business School, which will walk you through video modules, workbooks, weekly homework, exclusive interviews with past clients, and other coaches—as well as give you new tools each week to implement into your business for ultimate personal and business success.

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“I have spent thousands of dollars on Marie Forleo’s B-School, Hey Sweet Pea’s Thriving on IG course, and countless other books and programs and nothing even comes close to the value I have received in the last 3 months of working with you. I will be forever grateful for what this program has done for both my business and my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” — Anneke Cannon

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  • You read this copy page and thought “holy shit, yes, this is me”.

  • You’re a coach who has already made money, but now wants consistent 2-10k months.

  • You like high support, but are willing to be brave and ask questions no matter how silly you think they are.

  • You want to stand above the rest in your industry, but you’re afraid to be fully expressed.

  • You crave making a big impact, but you have so many ideas that you have a hard time narrowing down and executing them without word vomiting on someone.

  • You feel really misunderstand when it comes to business, you know what you think you ‘should’ do, but you have a huge resistance to it because you know there HAS to be another way. (hint: this is it).

  • You need structure, but in a way that honors your creative and passionate soul. Flowy structure.

  • You have a deep desire to do the emotional work, or, you have a willingness to do the emotional work needed to fully support your business and your clients.

While we’re still being honest, this coaching is not for you if you want to make 10k overnight, not to say that hasn’t happened, it has for many of my clients, many times—but it takes a special formula to get there. If you’re willing to be, and stay open with me—put your action in plan into ACTION and do the work, then fuck yes apply. If you prefer someone do the work for you, or you’re brand spankin new to your business and you feel like you don’t have the capacity to get down and dirty—this probably isn’t ideal for you, but my Brave Business School is a great place to start.

BEB is limited to 10 clients at a time, so if you felt even the slightest pang in your stomach that this may be for you—I encourage you to apply. Once you apply, you’ll hear back from me in within 24 hours. From here, I learn more about you, you learn more about me and the program—and together we decide if this is the right fit for you.

ALSO: Before you click away because you’re wondering how in the actual fuck you could ever make 10k months, because you don’t have a big enough following or perfect pictures—this coaching will rebel against everything you’ve ever known to be true, so please don’t allow your followers, or lack of a website detour you. I’ve had moms with 129 followers get 10 clients in one month, and worked with influencers with 200k followers who when they came to me were making $500/month. This is for you if you feel seen right now, and you’re finally ready.