The Strong Chicks Rock Business Mentorship is a 90 day accelerated coaching program for fitness entrepreneurs who are dying for freedom. 

This mentorship is ideal for fitness coaches who feel stuck AF in their business, or maybe they don't have a business yet but want to.

You, the coach, are passionate AF, have a zillion ideas—but you aren't getting people to sign up for your program. 

You might even have a large following and get a few clients here and there, but nothing steady. While you love serving women and helping the clients you do have, you want to monetize your passion in a way that gives you the freedom to do life the way you want.

You want to:

  • Make money. Yeah I said it *cue Rhianna*. You love what you do but you also want to make money so you can live life on your terms.
  • Feel fulfilled. You are dying to create a community for your people. You want to work with your ideal client x100. 
  • Slay social media with clarity so your message is heard, and your business grows on one of the most powerful platforms there is—sitting in the comfort of your PJs or Lulus. 


You're tired of saying yes to everyone because you feel like you have to in order to pay the bills. 

You're tired of discounting your services, you know you're worth more but don't quite have the courage to raise your prices—or you aren't even sure how to price them. 

You're tired of living in scarcity mindset. You're ready to feel good about money, so you can make money with ease. 



The SCR Business Mentorship helps fitness coaches (or those in service industries) take massive action to accelerate their business in the most authentic, and powerful way possible.