Be Brave enough to break your own heart.
— Cheryl Strayed

There are times when you must leave a person, job, place or thing, because you just must. You can’t even explain it sometimes.

Your body is telling you that you must, even though the future is full of uncertainty, you know you need to. 

You've been feeling it for awhile now—a rise within you to make a change in your life. You're being confronted with the discomfort of wanting to stay in your life the way it is, and the possibilities of 'what if'. 

You want to live a bold life. A YES life. A life of freedom in your body, in your work, and in your relationships—you just don't know how to take the leap into being brave enough to break your own heart. Shaking up what is, for the sake of your highest and best good

You are powerful. 

However, I know you may not feel that yet. You're sick of buying self help book after self help book and still finding yourself in the same place over and over agin—you know what to do, or maybe at least understand, but you can’t seem to implement what you know.

You know there is more to life than what's in front of you, you simply need a bit of guidance. 


I help women live their best, most honest, and intentional lives. 

Think Eat Pray Love, without going to Bali (unless that's your thing).

I got married at 18. Then divorced at 21. 

I'm a single mom, running a full time business at home. 

I've struggled with eating disorders, and hating my body. 

I have failed 100x over, and I understand the pain of not feeling at home in your body, and feeling lost, stuck and angry in life. More so, I understand the pain of not understanding why you can’t be like the rest of the girls who appear to have their shit together—I was that girl. Standing, wanting to speak up, feeling unable, not confident. Lost. Frozen.

Through the pain though, came the healing and rising. Which has allowed me to stand confidently, powerfully and humanly as myself—now I teach other women how to do the same. 1357, women to date to be exact.


With Brave Enough coaching, I help women learn how to use their voice, get more clarity in their life, shed the labels and limiting beliefs they've put on themselves and step into a more confident, liberated place.

You’ll begin to:

  • Learn how to stop getting in your own way.

  • Cultivate an understanding of the mental, physical and emotional blocks you have in your life so you can create a more positive, and at ease relationship with yourself.

  • Stop obsessing over others peoples lives, and trivial issues.

  • Create healthy boundaries with yourself and others.

  • Feel more powerful, confident and unlock your inner badass.

  • Speak up, and move with more confidence.


How do you know if Brave Enough is for you?

You Want:

  • To find your purpose in life. You know you are meant for more than your 9-5, you just don't know how to go about getting there.

  • Work through a divorce or break up. You want to reclaim your power, and feel whole without being someones person.

  • Feel more at home in your body. You're ready to shed the labels, identifies, and low self worth so you can finally feel confident, and strong in your body.

  • Cultivate a deeper sense of self worth, trust and confidence within your body through finding food and body freedom.

  • Shift careers, start your own business or discover what you're passionate about in life.

  • Trust yourself.


Working with Rachel has completely rocked my world. Ever since joining I have learned more about myself and my body then I could have ever imagined. I am surrounded by a group of amazing women who have encouraged me, taught me new things, and have made me laugh every single day. Because of Rachel I feel comfortable in my own skin. I am confident in who I am.
— Diana K.
Rachel helped me finally feel normal. Normal isn’t the right word. She helped me feel like it was okay to be myself. You NEED this coaching in your life.
— Allison B.
Brave Enough coaching gave me myself. This is the best investment I’ve ever made.
— Kelly S.

How Brave Enough Works

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We will have weekly calls that last 30min. These calls are completely personalized to you, and what's happening in your life. I'll give you actionable ways to navigate whats happening in your life so you can find more clarity, confidence and ease.

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We will work together for either 4 or 8 months months. The amount of time you need is dependent on what's happening in your life, and what kind of support you need. Together we will work for at least four months to build and cultivate the transformation you're seeking. 

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Receive unlimited email communication. I understand that sometimes you need to word vomit, and access to support right away. Know that you are always supported, can reach out anytime you need a bit more guidance.  

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Each week you'll receive 'homework' that will continue to guide you into more clarity, action and purpose. 


Q: I want the life coaching and support, but I also want to focus on feeling more at home in my body + normal around food. Are there aspects of this?

A: A pillar of Brave Enough is through body awareness, kindness and connection. You’ll be given an intentional movement + self care routine that adheres to your life each week.

Q: What will my communication with you look like?

A: You’ll have—

Access to me via text daily + the following:

  • 2x 60 min calls a month, OR 1x 30 min call each week.

  • One weekly 60 min team call (will be recorded if you can’t attend!).

  • Unlimited email communication

  • Support through our private FB community daily

Q: How long is the program?

A: Brave Enough is a four month program