You're Not A Basic Bitch, You're Just A Human

Pumpkin spice waffles, lattes and everything else you can put pumpkin on galore and you're just waiting to be called a basic bitch, right?

Or maybe you'll get the hard part out of the way and make fun of yourself for liking a flavor, or nature. So you'll comment on your own post of your latte with "ugh I know, I'm a basic bitch". Or maybe you'll be more sly about it so you look more cool.

In years past, I didn't want to talk about pumpkin things because I didn't want to be 'basic'. Oh my gosh, I'm rolling my eyes at myself and laughing as a I write this. 

But GIRL, you know it's true. You know that the idea of being normal is seen as annoying. So you have to shyly like your PSL, or just bully yourself and your friends.

Which is what it is, making people feel weird for liking normal things. 

So this year, I'm suggesting that you just like nature and things that taste good without explaining and apologizing. Because DAMN woman doesn't it feel annoying to be embarrassed to like pumpkin things, or be seen as basic, but when summer is around no one is coining your normalcy for liking lemonade?

No girl is that cool, we all give lots of fucks. So let's just calm down, and like the things that we like. 

We have such bigger things to worry about and focus on instead of being so consumed with liking Ugg boots and lattes that taste delicious. I like Ugg boots, they are soft and comfortable AF.

You do you. You're a human who just happens to like things that taste good, crunchy leaves, pumpkins and apples. WHAT? So weird that you like nature. 

Oh, you like Hocus Pocus? You sit your ass down and watch it, and don't you dare upload a picture of it with words lessening your experience. 

We're not basic, your love of pumpkin doesn't dismiss all of the other wonderful things there are about you.

Unapologetically do you this fall, and in life. 

When you do talk about fall, or all things crunchy, and grey—use #feelsforfall.