WTF Is Food Freedom and Why You Need It Right Now

Food Freedom:

When you can eat pizza + ice cream without guilt. When you can not obsess over every meal, calorie, point and macro. When you can make empowered decisions around food. When you give up dieting forever and learn how to never look back. When you stop labeling food good and bad. When you trust your body and stop relying on diets to lead you to happiness.

PSA: I just made up that definition, but to me, that's what it is.

Food freedom is being able to not freak out and obsess about food.

In a world full of diets, cleanses and supplements that all claim they will lead to happiness so you keep investing and feel obsessed  with making this diet "the one that works". Do you ever wish you could just like, eat a meal and not worry? Not obsess and freak out?

What would your life feel like if you weren't so obsessed with food?

What would you be able to do differently that you aren't doing now?

I really want you to think about those questions and answer them—how f r e e and empowered would it feel in your body to trust it and feel at home? UGH YASSSS.

Here's why you need food freedom

1. You get to actually enjoy life. On a daily basis, how frequently do you think things like:

"Ooo I'll have to workout more because I ate______. Ugh but I hate working out. I might as well just eat the rest of it because I've been like this way for so long, one more day won't hurt."

"If I eat this, will I lose all my progress?"

"Sorry, I can't eat _____ I'm on a diet."


"I'm sorry I'm so upset, I'm on a diet"

"Omg, it's almost: summer, spring break, my wedding, my great aunt Sally's pool party, graduation, a once in a lifetime trip, a cruise, my honeymoon etc, I need to diet right now."

The pure freedom you'd have to think about things that actually make you happy and matter in your life if you had freedom. Ughhhh sweet bliss, I'm imagining it for you right now. 

2. You Begin To love yourself. When you're trying to find your worthiness in a diet, or the short term results said diet brings—your happiness is always dependent on that one specific thing/diet/cleanse. You rely so heavily on it that you never get to experience happiness and love within side of you. Which is the magical, extraordinary, deep and soulful kind of love an joy. Can you imagine what it would be like to love yourself? To find peace and happiness within your's beautiful.

3. You can finally trust your body. You know that really uneasy feeling where you're overeating that you feel like you can't stop? Or what about how you feel like you only can do extremes? "I either diet or eat like shit. That's it.". That stems from a lack of trust in your body. The diet industry has made it damn near impossible for you to believe that you can trust your body. They don't teach you what to do with the in-between parts of your diet. So you continue to go back to your diet. But with food freedom, you learn how to create real balance. Not the balance that looks like having a donut for breakfast and a salad for dinner because you think you're "canceling it out". The kind of balance where you can make empowered choices around food, eating the things your body needs, and wants—and feeling no guilt or no fear around food. With food freedom you can learn to trust your body.

4. Bonus, you save so much money. I mean just saying. No more diet pills, no more programs, no more cleanses or juices or any other expensive thing that you keep reverting back to every 2-3 months. Save that money girl, go take yourself on a date and buy some flowers as a celebration of your new found freedom. 

How To Get Food Freedom

Is it clear now why food freedom isn't just kind cool or something I obsessively talk about on my IG?  It's life changing.

Having food freedom will literally change your life.

The how? That's hard. There aren't many books or people talking about freedom. Sure, there are some (a post on resources to come!). But if you're someone who wants this kind of freedom, is a book enough? Seriously, asking? Do you think you could break years of habits at home alone, with no real support?

I did it, and it was hard. I had no support. I cried, and reverted back to diets time and time again on my quest for freedom because not knowing how to take the steps to freedom, scared me. Diets were the only thing I felt like I could trust.

Which is why I created my new program Food Freedom. I wanted there to be a resource for women so they could finally find freedom. 

I dreamed and begged and screamed and wished for a program like this so bad. 

When I was half a pint deep after planning a massive binge, already full on pizza + chips + other things that I had eaten—I would cry while it was happening wishing for help, not knowing where to get it.

If you're looking for the kind of freedom I've talked about here today, this new 12 week coaching program may be the right fit for you.

f you want to stop freaking out and obsessing over food—I encourage you to think about it. At this point...what do you have to lose?

The 12 week program opens for enrollment on May 19th, I'll be taking on a limited amount of women as I want to make sure each woman gets the same, supportive and in depth coaching. 

More to come on the program, for now..I just want you to know that freedom is possible. 

If you want more info right now, and want to be put on the waitlist for the program to get first access—email me right now at: