Workout Wednesday!


imageHappy Wednesday to you all! Each wednesday I'm going to share with you all a fantastic fat burning workout--I guess I shouldn't say fat burning just to make it exciting, because lets be real here. If you're working out, sweating, moving, you're burning fat. So lets rephrase that. Every Wednesday I'll post a unique, never see before, bad ass, Strong Chicks Rock workout. Boom. Thats how you introduce some fitness right there.

Without further ado, here is todays workout. It's quick (like all of my workouts, because I don't feel like you need to spend hours training. When we train with efficiency and goal orientated there is no need to spend longer than we need.

The weight you use for these moves should be challenging, but not too much that you can't preform them with proper form. Based on your fitness level you should complete 3-5 circuits of this workout!

Go get your strong on,

xoxo Rach