Why Your Healthy Foods Are Making You Bloated


Do you ever eat something healthy and feel immediately bloated? Here's the deal, our bodies are all SO different. Which is why if you and your best friend are on the same diet you both may have different results. Each of our bodies respond to certain foods differently. So if pinterest is telling you that greek yogurt will make you lose weight and you're eating it and feeling bloated--it may be because you are just someone who can't tolerate eating it!

Trigger Foods

There are certain foods that we call inflammatory foods.  These are foods that bother 99.9% of people. Our bodies simply can't digest them properly. Each person is different with how well their specific body digests these foods though..make sense?

So for example, when I eat greek yogurt I IMMEADTLEY get bloated but my best friend doesn't. However, after a few days she starts to break out if she continues to eat it.

List Of Inflammatory Foods

Here are a list of the most common inflammatory food groups:

  • Refined Grains (gluten//flour based products)
  • Dairy (greek yogurt, ice cream cheese, milk ect)
  • Legumes (beans)
  • Sugar

Those are just the most common.




What Does This Mean For Me?

It means that just because pinterest, or the latest magazine tells you something is healthy--it doesn't mean that it is..for YOU. So, listen to your body. When you eat one of the food groups above do you notice yourself feeling bloated, gassy, acne ect? If so, though it may be deemed "healthy" it may not be the best option for you. So cutting it out or limiting your intake would then reduce your reactions to it. ie: bloating.