Why You Can't End The Diet/Binge/Restrict Pattern

You're really excited that you just bought this new plan, so excited that you've already told everyone you know, used the cute hashtag on IG and you're planning your first shopping trip once you start to lose weight.

Day 1 is hard, so hard, but you have a fire burning in your soul and you are too legit to quit. You are ~MoTiVaTed~.

Day 4 you feel in the swing of things. Wait, are my pants a little loser?

Day 7 brings a rush of accomplishment, you own this.

Day 10 and your BFF invites you out for drinks, NO you say. "I can't, I'm on a diet". Proudly you chomp on your salad. 

Day 13 roles around and the reality that this is going to take work sinks in, one cookie you think. "I've been so good", plays in your mind as you enjoy the cookie. Until 1 cookie turns into 8 and now you're thinking, "well, I've already kinda of fallen off, I might as well go crazy today."

You Like Control

Your diet feels empowering, you know what is 'good' and 'bad'. The idea of not dieting doesn't mean balance, for you it means you're 'off'. There is either dieting or binging, no in between.

The in between is scary, 

How much should I eat? What should I eat? Can I eat this and still reach my goals?

Controlling your body is easier than learning how to trust it.

Thats why you continue to diet.

No matter how much you hate it, no matter how expensive it is, you don't care, because you haven't been taught how to trust your body.

You would love to trust your body.

You would love to have a healthy relationship with your body,

More than anything you would love to not fear food. You would love to go out with friends and be able to order a meal without waiting to see what everyone else orders so you know if you can eat 'good' or 'bad'. 

You're sick and tired of wasting time and money on program after program that is promising a quick fix because these quick fixes have never once given you what you want.

You want freedom. 

Freedom is possible, and you can learn to trust your body.

I teach women how to trust their body. I teach them how to let go of diet mindset. I teach them how to have a healthy relationship with food. 

I teach freedom.

You can join us and learn how to trust your body,