Why I Run Free Training Groups


It's huuuump day (emphasis on the UMP). Blame it on the two cups of coffee, or the fact that the universe has placed some truly wonderful women in my life who encouraged the heck out of me yesterday. But, whatever it is..I AM HAPPY.

I wanted to talk about the free challenge groups I run.

I know sometimes people are like "wtf, how is this free?". Yeah, I get that. It sounds too good to be true doesn't it?


Since starting Strong Chicks Rock 2 1/2 years ago I've spoken to hundreds of women about their goals and have helped many of those women reach those goals. One of the biggest things about getting these women started though is cost. I totally get it.

I use to be the type of girl who would rather buy 5 pairs of $5 yoga pants that would rip in a few weeks rather than spend $20 on one good pair. Or I'd mindlessly spend $5 at Starbucks in the morning, then $9 at Chipolte for lunch (yes, I know guac is extra) and at the end of the day realize I'd spent $14 (A DAY) but I wouldn't spend $35 a month on a gym membership.

So I know when talking to ladies about their goals, they see a price tag and are like yeah see ya later.

The Issue

Here's the issue: Upfront money isn't fun. Here's the cool thing: My training is a one time fee, then I'm your coach for LIFE.


Give away a free week of training. By me doing this, you (aka: my future rad ass client) are able to see what being a part of Strong Chicks Rock is like. Each free group is a little different so you can see the many different components that make up SCR. We do groupsĀ  focused on:

-Learning to eat healthy

-Self love

-Different methods of training (home/gym/outside)


-Summer training

Every group is different. Every group is 100% FREE. Every group leaves with FREE goodies.


I want you to feel confident in joining SCR. I want you to make sure my team is a good fit for you and your goals because I understand making and investment upfront can be freaky.


My Promise

I promise that you won't regret in investing in yourself, to become the best version of YOU possible.

I promise that I won't give up on you and your goals

I promise that when you join SCR, you are entering a JUDGE FREE zone.

I promise that if you give 100% to your program, you WILL achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


I hope this answers some of your questions, and allows you to see why I offer my free training. If you are interested in joining our next free training group: Punch Fear In The Face, starting 6/19 please head here and drop your email so I can send you the info :)