What's In My Make-up Bag: How I Go From Sweat To Meetings In 7 Min

I'd like to give my dad credit for my low maintenance style. Being raised by a single dad left little room to learn how to curl my hair (I literally just learned this last year--thanks Tawny!), do make-up, and most other seemingly girly tasks. 

So when I get ready post sweaty SCR Workouts, I don't mess around. From the time I walk into the gym, to the time I leave, I like to spend 45 minutes max.

Are you someone who has to head into meetings/work/life right after your gym sesh? Well then you may dig these simple products that do the trick for me every time. 

PSA: you need need to do anything after leaving the gym, you could walk straight out of the gym and into work. If make-up isn't your jam, that's cool. I definitely don't wear it everyday, but when I do, these are the things that happen to work well for me. 

1. Deodorant. In a pinch I grabbed this one because I ran out. Currently on the hunt for one that's natural, but also works. DOES THIS EXIST? If so, comment below and tell me what you love and why.

2. Wipes! Because sweat post workout staying on the skin isn't ideal (hello breakout central!), I like to carry wipes with me so I can wipe down my face before applying make up if I choose, or before I leave the gym in general so I keep my face breakout free.

3. Adorn Tigers Eye Perfume. I always wanted to be someone with a signature scent, and after literally years of hunting for something that felt like it was made for me. I found this gem at Urban Outfitters. Mixing sandalwood, moss and suede, it's got an earthy + sensual smell. No, not like weird, literal earth smelling, it's literally just perfect and smells amazing. 

4. They're Real Mascara. This stuff is the bee's knees. I'm obsessed and it's the one and only product I've used for years, without fail. I've tried other mascaras, literally probably all of them. And this hands down, takes the cake. I secretly love when people ask me if my lashes are real and I say, "yes, I use They're Real". LOL. It's voluming, and lengthening. It's perfect. 

5.Hello Flawless! Foundation. As someone who despises make up, literally can't stand it, I do NOT like to feel like I'm wearing make up. I wanted something that felt light, and really light coverage because I didn't want to look different when I was wearing make-up, compared to when I wasn't. This really just gives a perfect brush of evenness to the skin. If you're trying to legit cover blemishes, this isn't for you. But if you're looking for something a little heavier than a tinted moisturizer, this is it.

6. Dry Shampoo. I don't love this brand so I won't link it. But I always carry a travel version of dry shampoo. I think my hair is about 87 % dry shampoo, LOL. I wash it once a week, so a good dry shamapoo is awesome to keep around, as it soaks up the sweat from your workout without stopping the natural oils from constantly washing your hair. I do love this brand though.

In this really exciting picture of me, I demonstrate how to not be a model. Okay but really, this is how I do my hair to transition me from workout to meetings. A really simple side braid that I don't know how to teach you but youtube certainly could, always does the trick.


Well, this was a weird post for me to write but I get asked about these kinds of things all of the time, so, ask and you shall receive. I hope you found something that may benefit you're morning routine. Keeping it simple, making myself smell not like sweat + occasionally throwing some make up on makes my gym to work transition simple and feeling good. Thats what it's all about right? Feeling good in your body!