What I Wish I Would Have Known: 3 Tips To My Fitness Beginner Self

We have ALL been beginners at something. Even me, as a trainer! I may have grown up in the fitness industry but that doesn't mean I didn't struggle or feel lost..because let me tell you, your girl was lost as all get out the first time I stepped in the gym.

Here are three things I wish I would have known when I first started my journey:


1. Don't use pinterest for nutrition or fitness information.

This one is such a bummer because pinterest really does rock. The thing is it's full of fitness noise. What's that mean? Let's think.

Who's sitting there writing these workouts or giving these tips?  Do they really know nutrition or fitness? Should you put your trust into their word?Here's a good example: Pinterest says peanut butter is a good source. This is incorrect, does it have protein? Yes, I'm talking like 4 grams which is NOTHING compared to a protein source that would fuel you better like: Fish/Chicken. What pinterest should have said is that PB is more so a source of healthy fats instead. (I'd go one further to say don't even eat PB, almond butter is packed with more vitamins/nutrients/healthy fat as opposed to the peanut).

Honestly, if I would have continued to follow what pinterest says in regards to my health and fitness I'd be living in a false dream world probably injured, not reaching my goals like I should and eating foods that may or may not be doing me any good.

With that said, not everything on there is bad. As a beginner though, there is SO MUCH information and one wouldn't know how to decipher what to listen to or not!

2. What Sally Sue does, DOESN'T MATTER.

I know this one is easier said than done..focus on YOU. I remember one of the first times I was in the gym and I worked out with an older girl, she was doing all of this stuff I'd never see and I wanted to keep up. Guys, I didn't even know how to squat (sorry dad). What business did I have trying to do jumping lunges??? This is the number one way to get hurt and throw your confidence down the drain. Being a beginner may not always be fun, but in order to train well and without injuries you must be willing to have a beginner mindset. So what if you're working on form the first few days or weeks in the gym, in the end you will have a great foundation to build off of and that's so much more important than being able to jump around with a friend.


3.Don't stop when you mess up.

Obviously I'm not telling you to prepare for failure, what I'm saying is that If you mess up, have a bad day or week..YOU DID NOT FAIL. What happens, and what I've done 4839753 times is this: Start my journey, have a cheat meal that turned cheat day then get angry, feel defeated and say eff it and now I've "fallen off". Had I known that if this happens, that I just get back at it with my next meal or next day IT'S OK. That would have changed my life. It seems like such a tiny tip, but it was huge for me. This tip is all in the mind. We think "Oh no, I've messed up. That means I'm staring over.". NOOOOOO. It doesn't mean you have to start anything again, you didn't fail. You had a bump in the road and you sure as hell better tell the pitty party happening in your brain to sit down and shut up so you can move on.


I hope you can learn from my mistakes!