What To Do When You're Burnt Out

When Strong Chicks Rock first started, I wanted it to grow and thrive and just be the bad ass company that I knew it could be so I took on every woman who signed up. I thought what I was doing right because if people were joining that meant I + SCR was thriving, right?

Eh, not so much. SCR had moments of slow growth, and moments of rapid growth and with the rapid came me struggling more and more to show up to this tribe that I love so much. 

I didn't know what was wrong, from the outside all was peachy keen but I was spending every Friday crying, waking up all through the night and not showing up to Cooper the way I wanted to.

I Was Burnt Out

I was taking so much and talking about self care, routines and self love so much that I actually had myself tricked into believing that I was genuinely showing up for myself. 

Something had to change, and it took me a while to realize what this would be.

I decided to cut back on how many clients I would work with, and create more systems that honored how I wanted to to feel and serve my clients. 

This was hard, because I wanted to see my company grow. But there was no way it could honestly grow if I was showing up to it half ass.

Maybe you don't own a business, but you're feeling burnt out. Girl, I get it. So what can you do to come back to a place where you feel more at peace in your body and just like you're functioning like a normal human?

Moving Through A Burn Out

  • Get honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you're showing up to the important parts of your life the way you want to be.
  • Write down your priorities. No seriously, get out a pen and paper and write them out. If I asked you what you ate for lunch on Thursday you probably wouldn't be able to remember, which means when you're under pressure and stressed, you're not always going to be thinking about your priorities, or maybe they will flash through your mind and you'll think "I'll get to that later' then you forget. There is something powerful about taking pen to paper. Write down the people in your life that mean the most to you, the friendships and family that you want to really put more time and effort into. Write down the things that you can and want to honestly show up for so everything ins't swimming in your brain and so you have a real plan of focus. 
  • Ask yourself what YOU need, and give it to yourself without judgement. You may think that saying yes to everyone is the right thing to do, but is saying yes is making you resent them, it's time that you ask yourself with honesty what it is you want and need and not put others first. 
  • This may mean that you need to set some serious boundaries. 
    • Boundaries are hard, because it means you may let others down. But the thing about life, is that you aren't living YOUR life for them. You are here for you. Get real about what you need. This may mean telling a co-worker no if they want to go to happy hour but you're exhausted. Or maybe it's telling your friends that you want to go out less on the weekends. 
  • Prioritize self care in a realistic way. Don't call getting your nails done self care if scheduling the appt and getting there is more stressful than enjoyable. Know that self care looks different for everyone. Your acts of self care should elevate your mind, body and soul. It'll take some trial and error, but when you find something that works, write it down so you continue to build your tool box of what works best for you. 
  • Don't judge what you need. It's really easy to see others lives and what they are doing and think, 'well she's doing that, I should do that too if I want to feel happy' etc. If you honestly ask yourself what you need and the answer is a brownie + a day off, girl do it. Only YOU know what you need to recharge and move through the funk. 

I wrote a book called: How To Love Yourself While You're Trying To #Adult, And Other Important Shit. it Has some no BS ways to work through self care, so you can feel like a normal human. Things that don't include getting your nails done, though if that does elevate your soul—keep it up. 

You can get your FREE copy of the book HERE. 

Know that feeling burnt out isn't a badge of honor, there is nothing sexy about hustling yourself into the ground. Get comfortable with asking yourself what you need, and giving it yourself unapologetically, because that is how you'll show up in the world whole, full, YOU.