What Julia Roberts Taught You In Runaway Bride

My inner independent woman roars when I watch Runaway Bride compared to when I watched it 10 years ago. 

Where as I once connected with J. Robs character of finding the love that would make her stay and be happy, I now connect more to her choice of eggs than anything else.

If you're unfamiliar with this movie (I'm about to ruin it for you) Julia Roberts literally runs away from 4 marriages. On the day of the wedding she bolts from the isle and leaves the poor man hanging.

Richard Gere is a reporter and visits her small town to get the inside scoop on this runaway bride. He wants to know why she leaves each and every one of them, and what makes her tick. 

In interviewing her past loves he asks each of them various questions, then he gets to my favorite question:

How Did She Like Her Eggs?

The men would all answer "She liked __________, just like me."

I'll Have What He's Having

Have you ever found yourself lost in someone else? In a relationship, you latch on to your partner, now their likes become your likes. Maybe because you want to please them, make yourself look "cooler" or you think that having common interests will make your relationship thrive. 

That was me. To a T. I married my ex-husband because I saw he liked the movie The Elf, so I messaged him and told him how much I loved it.

I even went as far as looking up quotes from the movie and sending them to him like I knew what the hell I was talking about.

I hated that movie.

In my mind though, I thought if I could show him how many common interests we had, he would want me.

I'd like to pause for a second because I don't know if I should laugh at my 15 year old thought process here or cry or be enraged or scared of how far I went to make a man like me, but that's what my low self confidence-15-year-old mind thought.

Julia Taught Us This...

We get to a scene in the movie where Julia's character realizes that she has no idea what kind of eggs she likes, but really she realizes she has no idea who she is and it isn't a man that will bring her home into herself. So she she sets out to make every kind of egg possible in search of she does actually like. 

The eggs were the wake up call, where else in her life had she given up parts of her to mold into someone she thought she should be?

What have you become or said something you're not to be more likable or attractive to someone?

Julia teaches you through her actions of losing her self in men, how important it is to know what kind of eggs you like. 

By that I mean she teaches you the importance of needing to know who the hell you are and what you want before you go throwing yourself at finding a partner, only to get lost in them.

Finding Out What Kind Of Eggs I Liked

When my marriage ended I didn't even know what color I liked. I felt like a blank canvas and horribly scared, confused and excited all at once. I had not the slightest idea of who I was so I began to dive into it all. There were parts of me I molded to fit what I thought my ex-husband wanted me to be, and through this new found journey on my own I got to step into my own for the very first time.

Almost two years out of that marriage and while I'm still learning, I know who I am more than I did before. I know that I like my eggs scrambled with cheese in them + ketchup. Or on top of avocado toast..ugh, yes.

What kind of eggs do you like? What will do to figure what kind of eggs you like? 

Get to crackin babe (get it, cracking...like an egg). This is your life, don't you dare waste it living for someone else.