What I Eat In A Day {to reach my goals WITHOUT dieting}

Honestly I never wanted to make this article. I feel like when people see what a 'personal trainer' eats, they think if they eat just like that—they could get mad insane results if they do exactly what they saw, which isn't the case. 

I don't want my food choices to be a place of permission for you to make certain choices in your life, so instead, I hope you'll look at posts like these and see what NOT dieting can look like, aka: intuitive eating. My food diaries that I'll share on here are my personal example of how I eat without obsessing about food, and still reach my personal goals. Which are: to feel empowered af in my body, strong af (physically and mentally) and at peace.

Here we go......


If I don't start each morning with a pour over coffee. Which is my new thing. I'm at my favorite coffee shop ordering a light roast which I'll  add a few splashes of half and half to it + 2 stevia packets and I'm good to go. 


Then I move onto real food. I always aim to have a protein + fat for breakfast, and most mornings a carb source as well. But unless you want to see me ravenous within the hour, there is ALWAYS some source of fat (it keeps you full for longer periods of time!). This week I've been doing:

2 scrambled eggs, 2 blueberry maple breakfast sausages and 1 protein muffin. The muffins are so easy to make. Grab the recipe HERE


Lunch I always opt for protein + fat + veggies. Again, the fat at lunch is crucial. It stops that 3pm angry, going to eat the whole world feeling. 

I had a chicken sausage, half an avocado + roasted Brussel sprouts. 


I was out and about with Coop this day so I grabbed a quick salad at Whole Foods. Dinners I like to have a more rounded out meal of : protein, veggies, fat and carbs. This salad was dope AF and the thousand island dressing made it just perfect for me. My FAVORITE protein to add to a salad though is chicken fingers. Not kidding. 







Other things:

Coop and I went to the movies this day, so I did what I always do when I want something sweet. I go to the bulk section of the store or candy shop and put just a handful, if that, of candy into the bag. This way I don't have to have junk hanging out in my house, and I got just enough. Part of my food freedom journey is being MORE flexible wit how I eat. So when I have small things like this on a random Tuesday Afternoon, I don't feel like I need to binge or overeat on the weekends. Don't worry if you can't master this concept right away, it's something I worked on for a long time + work with my clients on weekly. BUT, if you find yourself always eating alllll of the popcorn/chips/candy etc. Try buying single servings of stuff—it's one of my favorite tools.


This day I got some chocolate malt balls, which I actually ate over the course of 3 days and some sour patch watermelon!

That's all I ate this day, again, I hope you can use this more as a source of "ahhh okay, intuitive eating doesn't look like pizza all day everyday, and you can still eat food you love AND food your body needs without eating sucky diet food to reach your goals". At least that's my hope.