What I Ate Wednesday + What I Had To Stop Eating and Why

Apparently, you love knowing what I eat in a day because this post last week where I shared what I ate in a day was one of my most viewed. Which is awesome because I'm so down to share my meals with you...well, more so now than I was.

I want you to see simple, easy and 'real life' meals. You know? The kind you can make without 53907453 ingredients and that don't stress your life out, oh, also ones that taste good too.

With that being said, rather than seeing this as a form of permission for you to do or eat certain things,  I want to make sure you know I make these articles to inspire you to try new foods, get down with your bad self in the kitchen, and show you how you can eat food you love while still reaching your goals.

Some day's look fun like last week how I shared my candy adventures with you, this week though things are different.

I've had to take gluten + dairy back out of my meals which did not make me happy. Here's the backstory:

  • I've never been able to handle either super well
  • The last few months I've been walking around looking 3 months pregnant, not exaggerating. It got to the point that I wasn't wearing certain clothes because my stomach was so distended, and I was in a lot of pain. That paired with my teenage style acne coming back, I knew my daily coffee creamer had to go + I had to say goodby to coffee shop muffins.
  • Sometimes we don't know, or forget how good our bodies are designed to feel. The foods I was eating weren't bad, I just couldn't handle them and they were so small that being in pain became my normal again. 

This didn't make me happy. I don't think that people should take out things from their diet unless it's a dietary necessity. You won't get leaner from being GF or DF so please know that this is seriously an option that shouldn't just be made for funzies. 

But I decided to test it out and take dairy + gluten out  (even though I was GF and DF for years—most of my life, and already knew the answer), and not to my surprise I feel so much better. 

Remember, I was walking around with my friends and family asking frequently "uh hey, like do you have something to tell us?", and I know this is what I have to do to feel best in my body. 

My stomach isn't distended and hurting anymore and that's just life changing for me.

I share this with you again, so you know when it's appropriate for YOU to make these choices about taking something out. Knowing that health doesn't mean you have to take either out. everyone tolerates food differently, you and me—we are soooo different. Remember this. You do you babe. 

I can't honestly present myself on the blog or social media without talking about the importance of you knowing what I do is NOT what you should or need to do.

With that said, I use these platforms to educate, and part of what I teach my clients is how to listen to their bodies. This was a perfect example of me not listening to my body, and making the adjustments I needed to to feel good again.

To be clear, this is not dieting. If you have to take something out for specific dietary purposes, not dieting. However, if you take something out because you think it'll lead to greater results, I would categorize that as a form of dieting. 

Does being GF and DF mean I won't eat pizza? Eff no! You bet I'm going to find the best pizza that I can eat. 

I'm excited to write more on this not-new-but-new-again-for-me-right-now-journey, because their are so many mindsets and behaviors that follow having to take something out and not doing it by choice—but more on this next week!

Anyway.....my food is going through a small adjustment. Like my coffee. No more cream is just, well a journey in its own. But, if it means feeling good and comfortable in my body again, I shall drink black coffee and be okay. Also yes, I have tried allll of the DF creamers and they just do't do it for me., I personally think they taste like the back end of a yak.  I would rather drink it black and feel very hipster and fancy, or with cream, but that isn't an option. LOL could I be more dramatic right now?



I had gf + df pancakes, I don't love the mix I used so when I find one I do, I'll share! I topped it with PB and honey (also added protein to the pancake mix!). 

My coffee I'm having black, and sometimes frothing almond milk mixed with stevia, vanilla and cinnamon. I bought a brother for $6.99 and it's a magical tool I think everyone who likes coffee should have. 






For lunch I had 2 apple chicken sausages + broccoli cooked in olive oil with a good serving of hummus on the side because #fat. Also had some sauerkraut.I love this combo and for years it continues to be a go to. 









For a snack I had a kids size RX bar which honestly is the perfect size for anyone. Also had some black coffee with this but I drank it all before taking a picture. Girls gotta get her java on, ya know?


This is one of my favorite dinners! I cooked ground beef in taco seasoning. Then I topped it on some chopped lettuce, added 1/2 an avocado, onions, salsa and corn tortilla chips! This was soooo good. 







If you have questions about anything I talked about today please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. Shoot me an email: strongchicksrock.rachel@gmail.com