What I Ate Wednesday: NYC Edition

This weeks WIAW features how I ate while I was in NYC. Which I'm super excited to share with you because we have this idea that vacations must be this all or nothing experience, and it totally doesn't have to be. 

There are 4 things I prioritize, and then honestly I just let the pieces fall where they may:

  • Protein
  • Veggies
  • Fat
  • Satisfaction factor

If I were to restrict my meals to 'save up' for something big and exciting, one, I would be super pissed all day because I would be eating food I wasn't happy or satisfied with. Two, I would binge super hard later on because I would have been so restricted. 

I like to make sure I'm getting foods that satisfy me, meaning I enjoy their taste and I like what I'm eating and also making sure I'm focusing on nutrients too. 

This isn't a 'balance' game. Ex: I'll eat four cups of broccoli so I can eat that cookie. More so a just eating like I would everyday kind of thing. 

Meaning that if my mentality doesn't change, I don't start freaking out around food. Which really just means that I get to enjoy the trip more than freaking out about food. 

With all of that being said: enjoy. 

There will be moments and exerpinces that are once in a lifetime on trips, that may mean that lunch is a cookie you stood in line eating 3 hours for. Enjoy it

Just know, that one cookie doesn't have to mean you say "eff it" to the rest of the day. Eat the things you really want, and pass on the things you know you could have anytime.


I got up at 3:30am everyday I was there to get into the city by 5, I know, LOL. By the time I got to the gym I was starving. I headed down to the corner store and got:

  • Lox omelet over potatoes + side of bacon and black coffee

I had this for my breakfast two days in a row because it was so so good. It was too big for me to eat so I ate about 3/4 and then I was satisfied. 




After walking around the city all morning, client emails and being a small girl in a big city I was so ready to eat. I ordered some GF avocado toast and it was bomb AF. I ate this chia seeds with it too and even though it was $7.95 (OMG), this was the perfect refreshing meal. 

Wanna make this chia seed pudding at home? 

In a bowl mix:

  • 3 TBSP chia seeds
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

Stir for 3 min, then let chill in the fridge overnight or at least 1 hour!! Seriously, you need to stir this for 1-3 min. I said 3 so you'd at least do 1. Eat it cold and add berries + granola on top. This is my all time favorite breakfast!


After Lunch/ Pre dinner

Okay so I stalked this girl on IG for like a year (@shutthekaleup), she lives in LA and goes to this place called Pressed Juciery. They turn their cold pressed almond milk into ice cream which means I can eat it and my stomach feels totally fine. You can add toppings like fruit, coconut, nuts and cacao nibs. 

I'm obsessed with this stuff and got it with: coconut, raspberries & cacao drizzle. Ugh, I wish we had one in Ohio. 





Dinner was so refreshing, and just what I needed after being in the heat all day. I had a BAS (big ass salad) that had: spinach, salmon, walnuts, goat cheese, cranberries, tomatoes and pears, you guys—so good.