What I Ate Wednesday

This week has been bananas (I sung that like G. Steffani) in the best way possible. With so many new babes joining SCR, I was in full blast mode cranking out new programs and welcoming them to the team. With that, I needed my food to be fast, and basically so simple I didn't have to do anything. Which makes the freedom in not freaking out about food helped me so much when I needed to eat out on the go.

Take a look!


I've been working a lot at Whole Foods this week, so I grabbed my favorite meal this day: Scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, GF toast and avocado. Mmmm, so good. 







Still being out and about doing SCR work, I stopped at Panera and got this strawberry poppyseed chicken salad and it was so refreshing and delicious! It also had Mandarin oranges on it and I totally forgot how damn good those things are. 









I've been having this dinner pretty much everyday for a week: 2 pieces of GF toast with roasted rep pepper hummus, avocado and 2 eggs. UGHHH it's amazing. 




Ice Cream

I'm still trying to find a DF ice cream I love, because let's be real. It does not taste like the real thing, but many of them are close. I had some cashew milk cookie dough ice cream and it was 8/10.

That's all I got! Check back next week when I do another NYC edition!