What I Ate Wednesday

Last week I told you that I'm cutting out gluten and dairy, read it HERE if you missed it. I got a lot a lot A LOT of feedback from it. Some of you asked if it was because I thought gf/df was 'healthier' or if it was for a reason?

I talked about it on a lot of different platforms so you could understand that it's not because I think gf/df is superior, but because I was physically in pain and through listening to my body and the signals it was giving me, I knew something had to change. 

Taking both out has changed my life. OMG. To go from being in pain and being super uncomfortable in my body everyday to this, is just lightyears of a difference.

I'm not prescribing that you need to do this, you do you babe—some people can handle both with no issues at all. Sadly, that isn't me and I finally got tired of pretending like I could eat them. 

This week was an adventure, even though growing up I didn't have either, and this isn't new to me, I forgot I had to be a lot more prepared than normal because I couldn't grab my favorite bar on the go anymore—but overall it was pretty easy. Even eating out, I just looked up their GF menu on the way there. 


Coop and I went to Whole Foods and I got my favorite breakfast. 2 scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon and GF toast. I ate some of the potatoes and a piece of toast topped with jam. This will forever be my favorite. 









Lunch was more eggs, I love eggs and have them 1-2x a day. I sautéed some carrots with green beans + garlic powder, salt and pepper in olive oil and thew some eggs on top. I love sauces so I also addedsome of Sir. Kinsingtons special sauce on top of this (not pictured). But that stuff is dope AF and I think everyone needs it.  







My lunch was super savory and I knew I wanted something sweet as well so I picked up this DF yogurt from Whole Foods and it was SO good. I promise I wouldn't lie to you here, it was legit. It wasn't super runny, and the flavor was on point. I topped it with this GF granola that was super soft, omg, and some blueberries. 




Dinner was my favorite meal ever: burger and fries. 

I buy my burgers from WF because it saves me time. LOL like 4 min, but they also season them amazingly. I got the sweet onion ones. Served with roasted sweet potato fry/chunks and roasted broccoli. So so good. I dipped my burger and fries into the Sir. Kinsington sauce as well. 

That's it for toady's WIAW, no recipes, eating on the go and eating things I love. I try and keep it as simple as possible.