What Being A Single Mom Has Taught Me


Being a single mom has taught me so many things. Most importantly, or at least what I'll focus on right now is how it's shaped my heart and mind. Being a single mom has taught me and given me unshakeable strength.

Here's what happens, you are faced with two options. Crack, fall apart and crumble under pressure, or...choose strength. You choose strength. While It's always a choice, and while you could choose the first option-- it doesn't leave for a happy kid or a sane mom.

Although, when you're a stay a home you kinda feel like a single mom anyway. Not to discredit those who play the real, full time, every diaper, every late night role 100% on their own. When my ex husband and I separated, I packed my bags, came home and cried on my dads shoulder for days. Complaining about how unfair the world was. Then I had a harsh reality hit me in the face, suck it the fuck up or let my son watch me fall apart more and more everyday. So I sucked it up. When you realize being strong is your only sane option you have, it is then you realize the amount of strength you truly posses.

Strong: able to withstand great force or pressure.

Single mom life IS strength. In damn way possible.

All at once you become stronger than you ever knew possible. No amount of kettlebell swings or push ups could prepare me for the kind of strength that is needed to be on, 24/7. Let me be clear. I'm NOT complaining. It kills me when people say "oh just wait till they are two..it gets worse." For me personally, I love every stage. I enjoy it all. Truly. That doesn't go without saying there arent times where I do in fact get in my bed, pull the covers over my face and cry. But I move on. You have to.

Strength as a single mom is giving every ounce of love you've got. Enough to fill those little hearts and then some.

Strength as a single mom is teaching a little boy how to pee in the toilet when you have 0 experience with peeing standing up.

Strength as a single mom is being a role model of kindness and compassion even when your mind feels otherwise.

Strength as a single mom is choosing joy, even when you don't want to--because there is a human who is watching your every move and learning every habit, and way of life FROM YOU.

Being a mom in general changes your heart. One moment you're living life solely for you, and the next you are molding the life of another human. Teaching them how to be kind, how to navigate life, how to play and love. Being a single mom though, it pushes you, it breaks you in the best way possible and remolds you into the super-human-bad-ass-mom-beast you are.

You are now both mom and dad. You are now the full time ass wiper. You are now kisser of all boo-boos. You are full time night tucker in-er. You are everything. You GET to be everything.

You are your little persons everything.

You are not just strong for you, you are strong beyond belief for two hearts, two minds and two bodies.

You are a bad ass. So when life feels like it's knocking you fifty shades of crazy, remember that you posses a kind of strength that only single moms have. Not determined by the amount of weight you can pick up and set back down, but by the fierceness of your heart and mind. image image