Watch, Read, Listen: All of my favorite books, podcasts, speakers, movies and more.

You're about to dive into all of my absolute favorite books, podcasts, speakers, TED talks, movies, shows and more. Ready?

Books for Entrepreneurs: 

  • Girl Boss: I love this book because Sophia had a really in your face, unique, sassy, and relentless way of growing her business. This quick read made me feel more normal in some aspects of my business. 
  • The Fire Starter Sessions: Danielle Laporte has a really gentle, yet brutally honest way of helping business owners clarify their message to align to their passion without selling themselves short. This book was badass. I have the hard copy, and organically listened to it on audible which I throughly enjoyed. 
  • What To Do When It's Your Turn: Seth Godin is the GOAT. This book changed my life. Think: adult picture book to help you move with your fear into your honest, most liberating truth to do work that will change the world. In this self published book Godin provides truth, encouragement, and stirs a fire in you that will propel you into greatness. 
  • Story Brand: Have you ever read one of my instagram posts and been like "OH MY GOD SHES TALKING TO ME?". I learned how to take MY story, and connect with my audience through Donald Millers work. This book changed my business and helped me double my income in 1 month. 
  • Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert changed my life. This book dives into what living and breathing a creative life is like, what it can look like for you if don't feel too creative and how to use your voice + passion to cultivate change in the world. 
  • You Are A Badass At Making Money: If you struggle to 1) charge what you're worth OR 2) have an empowered relationship with money, and you're trying to run a business—you need this book. Jen will help you reframe the way you feel about money so you can monetize your passions and live a bold life. 
  • The Four Agreements: This book goes both in self development, and entrepreneurship. Reading this book allowed me to ride the waves of change, uncertainty and taking risks while not losing who I am, or feeling less than. 
  • The Four Hour Work Week: You just have to read this. Change your life. Honor your energy, your time, and value your worth. Read it  . 
  • Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: While a bit outdated, this will teach you the art of GIVING. No one will buy anything from you if you Arne't producing MAD VALUE to your consumers. This will teach you how. 
  • Do The Work: Get out of your own way, learn how to deal with the resistance of running your own business. 


Books That Will Change Your Life (AKA: My favorite books)

  • Wild: Cheryl Strayed's journey of self was the pathway to MY journey of self. I get chills just writing this. You need this book if you're wondering what the fuck you should do with your life and need to feel alive. 
  • Self Compassion: Kristen Neff is a self compassion researcher, and if you've ever struggled to love and be kind to yourself, this is where I recommend all clients start. 
  • Brene Brown's Books are all life changing. She's a researcher on shame, and vulnerability here are my favorites from here:
  • The Desire Map: Another Danielle Laporte book that so beautifully helps you align your life with your core desired feelings so you live a bold and beautiful life. 

  • Come As You Are: Feel weird about your body during sex? Think your vagina is weird? Are a woman? Someone who identifies as a woman? Someone who has sex with women? YOU NEED THIS BOOK.

  • Right Now Mastering The Beauty Of The Present Moment: My dad got this book for me and it makes me so happy. Each chapter is only about 1-3 pages and extremely digestible if you're trying to understand how to be as present as possible. 

  • Let It  Out A Journey Through Journaling: I always wanted to be the kind of person who journaled, but it never felt authentic. Until I got Katie's book. She teaches you how to journal through 52 prompts in a way that is fun, simple, and meaningful. Learning how to do this in a way that feels right for me changed my life. I'm obsessed with journaling now and I can't share this book enough.

  • Eat Pray Love: Elizabeth Gilbert's journey through ending her marriage, and finding herself has touched the lives of women all over the world. Even those that haven't been married. I just can't get enough of the way she talks about life and love. It's raw, it's breathtaking, it hurts and it's everything I need always. 

  • The Universe Has Your Back: This was one of the first books I read that totally shifted the way I trust myself and understood energy in a really digestible way. I learned how to move into a a place of love and out of fear—well, not so much out of fear, because fear will always be there, but into love. 

  • Body Kindness: Holy shit, this book is my coaching bible. If you're a woman who wants to stop hating your body, or a coach who wants to help women stop hating their body—YOU NEED THIS BOOK.

  • When Things Fall Apart: You must read this. You must read this if your heart hurts. If you've ever experienced heartbreak. OR If you've ever felt pain. Pema teaches you how to stop running from pain, and when you learn this—it'll change your life. 

  • Love Warrior: I am obsessed with Glennon Doyle. This book made me laugh, cry and feel deeply seen. Her story of love and connection, of living a true and honest life will help you feel less alone, and find your truth. 

  • Bird By Bird: This is my favorite book that has ever been written. 


Books To Get Lost In

  • Call Me By Your Name: This story of two men falling in love is beautiful. It     doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, bi or love unicorns. You will love this love story. 
  • Sweetbitter: This book turned Showtime TV show is GOOOOOOOOOOOD. The perfect "I want to live a bold life so I'm 26 and moving to NYC to follow my dream" book. 
  • Everything Everything: This young adult book on first and forbidden love gave me all of the butterflies. 
  • Just Kids: I love NYC with a burning passion. I felt this book in my bones. The experiences of what it was like to be there in the 70's. Ugh. So good. 
  • Luckiest Girl Alive
  • Gone Girl (also anything by Gillian Flynn)
  • Me Before You

Ted Talks



  • That's So Retrograde: 2 LA based comedians bring on guests that talk about all things wellness, crystals, astrology, dating and life. I love this podcast so much.
  • Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert brings on guests who want to do big and powerful things in their lives but don't quite know how to make it    happen. She brings on guest speakers like Glennon Doyle, and Brene Brown—it's everything. 
  • Oprah's Super Soul Conversations: I am consistently blown away by the guests she has on. Honest, deep, and powerful conversations on love, life, business, growth, and everything your heart needs. 
  • Bucci Radio: If you're a female entrepreneur this podcast gives extremely valuable content. Especially to those in the fitness business realm. 
  • Free Cookies: Kathryn Budig is a yoga teacher and her girlfriend Kate Fagan is an ESPN news anchor, together they interview people in wellness + athletes and I never thought I'd love a listening to anything remotely close to sports, but I love the way they intertwine the two. It    helps they are both hilarious. 
  • Let It Out: Katie Dalebout's podcast is phenomenal. She has really insightful conversations with people from all walks of life on everything. Business owners, food freedom coaches, dating coaches, yoga teachers. I mean she has everyone on there and these really long and beautiful conversations that make you feel like you're just sitting down with her and her guest chilling. 
  • Girl Boss: I enjoy Girl Boss because I get to hear what it was like for other female entrepreneurs as they've built powerful and successful businesses and brands. It makes you feel less alone. 
  • The Angie Lee Show: OH DAMN. If you're an entrepreneur you need this podcast. 
  • The Best Life Podcast: Honest conversations about life that give you actionable things to implement into your life with every single episode. These messy conversations have helped me grow as a person 10000%. 
  • The Tim Ferris Show: Soulful, actionable, powerful conversations that every single human needs to hear (esp biz owners).  


Movies/Shows That Make You Laugh:

  • Sleeping With Other People: This movie is hilarious, and has a really great storyline. I don't re-watch movies but I watch this movie 1-3x a month. 
  • Ibiza: If you want to belly laugh and feel butterflies, this movie needs to be watched. This is another movie I've re-watched a bunch.
  • Any stand up by Iliza: She's hilarious and I'm obsessed with her. 


Movies/Shows That Break Your Heart:

  • The Dust Storm: I just watched this and it was amazing. I fell in love with love and has my heartbroken in the best way. A love story based on two people rekindling an old love set in Nashville. 
  • Call Me By Your Name: Don't watch this movie if you're having a good day. This is devastatingly beautiful, and sad. But a truly powerful story of first love. 
  • Irreplaceable you: This will break your heart into pieces. 


All Time Classics:

  • One Tree Hill: ALL DAY.
  • Almost Famous: 16 year old guy wants to write for Rolling Stones in the 70's and gets a chance to travel with one of his favorite bands. This is mine and my dad's favorite move. 
  • The Obvious Child: Jenny Slate stars in this movie that covers what it's like to be 20-something and going through heartbreak, falling in love, and dealing with difficult choices. 
  • Riding In Cars With Boys: Drew Barrymore gets pregnant at 16 and this is the story of how she grew through that. It's one of my all time favorites. 
  • Enough: J-Lo is in an abusive marriage and this powerful story of her kicking ass and overcoming.