Gaining Vagina Power. Yeah, Really.

Did you know that the word Yoni, another word for vagina, is Sanskrit for "sacred treasure" or "sacred temple"? 

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Love, Sex, Desire and Susana Frioni had a guest on speaking about the female orgasm.

**Pause, woah Rachel, hold the phone. That was a lot of vagina talk in one sentence. What's up? You're right sweet reader. I've recently found myself more connected to learning and teaching my clients about their power and the female body. Finding this practice essential in truly loving your body as a woman. I feel as though women know very little about their own bodies, and the things they do know are very shame filled. So, because I have a platform to talk about this, I'm going to. To hopefully inspire women and teach them out of shame and into love and appreciation for their body.**

Back to the podcast. Her guest  kept beautifully speaking the word Yoni and eventually I realized he was talking about a woman's vagina. I actually had to make a quick google search because I was still wasn't sure. 

Upon clicking on the first link google gave me, telling me that this beautiful word meant vagina. I was baffled. The meaning of this word is sacred temple and the first thing that was brought into my head was that's for sure not how I feel about it.

Vagina Power

My gosh I couldn't even say the word vagina out loud until like 2 or 3 years ago. It made me so uncomfortable. I don't know about you, but being uncomfortable about parts of you that make you who you are, that just baffles me.

Vagina power is not being afraid of the word vagina. Vagina power is about being able to talk about this scared part of you without shame and fear.

When I took my pole dancing class and my instructor asked us to glide our hands across our bodies I felt wildly uncomfortable. I also realized that I really wasn't comfortable in my body. For so long I associated my body fat percentage with the amount I was comfortable in my body, but this was new. The simple act of touching my clothed body was awkward. I felt that the sexualization of it all made me feel like I was doing something wrong.

I held no personal power over my own body. I held space for shame. I wasn't even doing anything wrong.

How Do You Feel?

How do you feel when you read my words or speak the word vagina out loud? Do you want to quickly read through my words and shut your eyes? Do you feel awkward or weird? Hoping no one walks past you wondering why you're reading about vagina power.

I understand that. I do. If you do feel uncomfortable I urge you to explore those feelings and thoughts.

Writing this blog post I knew that I wanted to talk about Yoni. What I wanted to get out of it? Honestly with this first post, simply awareness.

I want you to feel the emotions that surround you when you think of knowing that Yoni is this beautiful word, standing for a sacred place--yet women are filled with shame and feel dirty when talking about it.

Owning your vagina power has nothing to do with being some sexual goddess, I think the simple fact of owning your V power is just that, gosh damn empowering.

You're told to be a confident woman and love yourself, but loving yourself doesn't mean love all the parts that are simply not awkward. Explore why you feel awkward or shameful.

Maybe there was sexual trauma in your past that made you feel violated and there's no way you feel scared or empowered. Maybe you don't even know what your vagina looks like, no one taught you anything about it. All you know is that your suppose to have kids and like sex. Lol.

While we are talking about sex, it's really hard to like sex, want sex and feel sexually connected to another human when you don't even want to look at your own Yoni. 

How Can You Get More Connected To Your Vagina Power?

  • Bring awareness to your body and emotions. Do you feel awkward or shameful when the word vagina is brought up? Do you feel uncomfortable when your partner or spouse wants to be intimate. "Whats happening down there, what is he looking at, oh my god this is so awkward!"
  • Seek pathways and resources to gain more confidence and comfortableness with your vagina. Here are a few I like:
  1. Podcasts: I LOVE listening to podcasts about this topic. Hearing other women unapologetically talking about sex, their vaginas and other lady talks is very empowering for me. At first it made me feel uncomfortable (Go society! You win!), but now it makes me feel like I'm a part of their conversation. Most of my friends aren't down with my conversations about the topic so hearing these women has allowed me to find comfort and sense of chill with the topic. Can't forget the educational aspect to these podcasts which is stellar! I'm constantly learning more about my body, my sexuality, my vagina and more juicy goodness. I love:  Susana Frioni, Liz Dialto
  2. The book Come As You Are. This explores the female body and sexuality, and was a HUGE eye opener for me. A little bit sciency, but exactly what each women who is wants to gain vagina power and confidence needs to read.
  3. Have conversations about it, and look at it. It being your vagina. Breaking the stigma that society has placed on women and their sexuality is going to be a huge step in your quest for V power. You must begin to explore what has felt "weird" for so long to begin to feel comfortable about it.

I hope that you can use some of the resources above to help you begin to feel like you vagina is just meant to me a sex and baby making machine. That it is not dirty, bad or shameful. Your vagina is a sacred place. I encourage you to step into that place of curiosity and explore freely.

A very important note: If you HAVE had some kind of sexual trauma in your life, I'm not promising any of the above will be the exact answer for you. You may need to take it a step further and work with a specialist one on one to work through that trauma. The advice given above is not intended for medical purposes.