Truth Tuesday!


It's Tuesday but feels like Wednesday...but anyway let's get down with some truth. Truth: I'm beyond obsessed with Trader Joes cookie butter. I'm having it every single morning on an Ezekiel bread English muffin and it is SO good. I actually can't stand peanut butter but this is the perfect little treat for me!


Truth: I love yoga. I had an awesome class last week and it was perfect, I went Sunday though and was so sore from yoga/lifting all week that I definitely wasn't intentional with my practice. I focused more on the pain I felt than my breathing and I left feeling really disappointed with myself. Constantly reminding myself to not judge my own practice and to continue exploring and loving the journey. It's no easy task, but I'm determined not to quit.


Truth: This pisses me off. "No sugar added" but then it's artificially sweetened. People wonder why I'm so passionate about kids nutrition, and I could talk about this for days. There are so many things wrong with this picture but first and foremost fruit shouldn't be sweetened. It's natures dessert and sweet enough already! Aside from the chemical shit storm in children's foods and snacks, I thinks it's crucial that people in general, not just parents, pay more attention to the food we put in our body. Honor your body with foods that give it light, fuel it well and make you feel good! image

Xo Rach