To The Woman That's Struggling, Read Me.

I need to write this. Currently it has no title but I was so close to shutting my computer because I was trying to write things that I thought could help you better than whats really on my heart right now. This is what needs to be said though.

  1. Living a healthy life can be unsexy. Reaching goals can take time. TRULY falling in love with your body isn't something that happens overnight. While the sexy and fast methods to weight loss may seem really appealing, they will continue to leave you in a cycle of love, hate, restrict, binge with your body. It's okay to go slow.
  2. Self love isn't an end goal. It's a journey. As cliche as it sounds, this could not be more true. I AM STRUGGLING with my body image. Fortunately for me I have the tools to know how to get back to a place of love, but I can assure you that no weight or size will then mean you've got self love locked down forever. Allow your self some compassion and know that you may ave high days of radical self love, and you may have low days. Both of those and everything in between don't make you a success or failure, it just means you're doing this life thing one day, and one moment at a time.
  3. It's okay to love yourself no matter what your weight is. You are no more or less deserving 10, 20 or 100lbs from now. DID YOU READ THAT? No weight makes you deserving of love for your own body. You may have been conditioned to think that only the thin women love themselves, but girl, you can love yourself right now. It doesn't matter if you're double fisting 2 slices of pizza + a hoho. YOU DESERVE YOUR OWN LOVE. 
  4. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are not alone in hating your body, and wanting to love it but you don't know how and you don't know who or how to talk about it so you continue to eat and do the same things you've always done because you feel so stuck. You are not alone. You can be unhappy in your body at 100lbs or 350lbs, and one side of the spectrum isn't a more or less valid reason to be lost and confused and unhappy. If you are struggling with your body image and feel like your friends "have it together", I promise you're not alone. 

Social media makes loving yourself and health look really sexy. I just want you to know that it's okay if your journey doesn't look like that of an instagram fitness star. It's okay if your journey is slow, because guess what? This journey isn't built to be 21, 30 or 90 days--you're doing this life long thing so the sooner you get comfortable with taking your time and doing things the unsexy way--the sooner you'll find ease and peace with journey.

Here's to knowing we aren't alone, and to the journey of finding self love the unsexy way.