To My Best Friend

Mollie is the kind of friend you see in movies and say "oh my gosh, I wish I had a Mollie". I have a Mollie, today is her birthday and I think the world needs to know about her heart. 

There are many defining moments that have made me be like wow, you're a damn good human. Then there was this moment that changed it all.

I came home from work one day and my power was shut off. There was a bill from my marriage that hadn't been settled yet so this $800 bill loomed over my head and I couldn't afford to turn it on. 

Having just made the leap to leave my safe job, and solely do SCR, I sat there in tears, wondering what the hell I was going to do.

All of my food that I had just bought was ruined, and with no power I couldn't work. In the middle of summer, there I was with a 4 year old and no AC. 

Cooper went to stay at my friend Joy's house, and I called Mollie in a panic. I just needed a friend, I needed her love from miles and miles away because I couldn't even think straight.

My only options were to sell a lung or go without power for god knows how long until I could pay it.

Mollie didn't freak out, she sat on the other end and let me cry, then told me we would figure this out. 

A few days later Mollie told me she would be paying the $500 minimum needed to turn it back on. Again I sat in tears, in utter disbelief that I had a Mollie. 

I got my Cooper back, and everything was okay again. Her kindness was the most genuine, and beautiful thing I'd ever seen. But that's Mollie all of the time. 

Love Is Love

If your heart isn't already dying for a Mollie, let me tell you one last thing, because this assured me that love is love.

I fell head over heels in love with a woman this year. Which was new for me ya know, I had never dated a woman, but this was real, this was the best love, and I wanted to tell my best friends. I waited weeks before I reached out to Mollie because I thought with her Christian background, she wouldn't be down with this. (mind you there is nothing wrong with being Christian, this was a story I was creating in my head out of fear)

So there I sat, in the group text typing: 

Me: Okay guys I have something to tell you and it's big.

Them (Mollie & Anja): what is it? are you okay?

Me: I like someone, who's not a woman. I have a girlfriend. 

Mollie: Omg I thought you were going to tell us something bad.

So there I sat in tears, while Mollie messaged me privately asking if I was happy.

Yes I said, I'm so happy.

Okay good, she said, tell me all about her. 

You guys. Love is love. And It wasn't my relationship with Allison that taught me that, that felt normal and natural. It was Mollie. 


Her Heart

Mollie has the biggest heart. It is full of gold, honey and all of the good things in this world.

She is resilient, she is confident and she is strong. 

She faces life with courage and even in the midst of loss, pain and struggle, she keeps going. 

She is a warrior. She is warrior of love and of life. 

Today is her 25th Birthday, can you please help me send her some birthday love???

Happy Birthday to you dear friend, your love is big and I love you so much.