The Ultimate You

Oh Columbus ladies do I have an amazing surprise for you. Over the past four years I've worked with hundreds of women doing online personal training--many of those clients have been Columbus natives but only had the option of online coaching with me because I hadn't opened up more one on one availability. Now though, as SCR continues to grow and I'm able to open up more in person sessions I wanted to be able to offer those local to me not only the ability for in person coaching , but a mesh of online too. It doesn't stop there, SCR's foundation for all clients is to help them rock their life. We help you find and build your confidence, we help you become healthy from the inside out.

My girls make amazing transformations, and that's all on them--not me. I give them the tools to take control of their life, and the rest is in their hands. They do the workouts, they eat each meal mindfully--fueling their body well.

So when it came time to create this new structure, I wanted to add a little new bonus. While you're rocking out at life, learning to love your body and becoming the best version of you--we wanted to bring you outside resources to help you display your new found confidence and self love in a way that I can't.

Because SCR focuses on healthy from the inside out---our new program: The Ultimate You, is now giving you access to 2 major business to help you take your transformation to a whole new level.

Bring in Tawny Turner, our official Master Stylist and Colorist:

tawny Why Hair?

You're making huge changes from the inside out, your body is becoming healthier and stronger. your clothes may be getting looser, you are blossoming into a newer, and more confident version of yourself, with that may come the desire to take your transformation to a new level. Brighten up your look? Cut it all off? It's up to YOU! Tawny has been my stylist for the past year and has helped me in my own personal journey feel more confident. My fitness journey has been one of deep internal self discovery, with that came the desire to chop off all my hair, something that I let define me for so long. She played a huge role and helping me become more free.

So, that's why hair. Not because we are superficial and I think you need to change the way you are, but because this journey inspires change in so many areas of your life. With this new program, you are able to unlock a 25% discount on any of Tawny's services.


The W Nail Bar, our official nail salon.

theWNails, yes nails. Another perk to The Ultimate You program. The W Nail Bar located in The Short North has so kindly offered a 20% discount to all Ultimate You clients.

When you're learning how to pick up heavy things and put them back down (properly), your hands take a pretty beating. Nothing makes me feel more classy and put together than rocking out some kettlebell swings with a fresh coat of paint on my nails.

The owners & nail techs both are so full of passion for what they do and love making YOU feel pampered and beautiful. This all natural salon is my absolute favorite in Columbus and I'm so happy we are able to offer you another way to bring out your personality and confidence with a little pop of color (or black, I dig it) in your life.




The Ultimate You Program:

-Initial assessment and review -Customized 90 day training protocol based off current fitness level, goals and availability to equipment (none required). Delivered via email. -Nutrition analysis (menu revamp, meal coaching, learn how to eat for YOUR body, hand outs, food lists, grocery list) -Weekly Check in’s -Lifestyle coaching -Open communication with your coach ( Rachel Turner) 7 days a week. -Exclusive access to SCR accountability group (rad group of women all working towards being the best versions of themselves possible, all sharing ideas/recipes, motivation, asking questions ect) -NEW: 25% off with Master Stylist and Colorist Tawny Turner NEW: 20% off at The W Nail Bar -NEW: 3 in person sessions (60min) -NEW: 1 FREE entry to Sunday Brunch)


Not only does this program offer you rad discounts to people we love in Columbus, who all want to help you bring out the most confident version of yourself. This program also offers you an insane discount, giving you THREE free in person sessions with me (valued at $75 a session), that's in addition to your 90 days of online coaching as well. I created this program to help you completely rock your life!


With that said, if this program sounds like what you need in your life to help you reach your health and fitness goals, learn how to love your body, learn how to eat for your body and simply rock life--well, I would love to work with you.


Please head here, and fill out an application. All applications are responded to within 24 hours!


I can't wait to help you fall in love with YOU and rock life.