The Probiotic That Changed My Life

Never did I think I'd be so passionate about a probiotic, but here I am. 

3 years ago when I broke up with dieting my biggest focus with my body was beginning to feel normal around food. In this initial phase I kind of stopped taking as great internal care of my body. I wasn't eating a lot of veggies, conscious of taking vitamins or supplementing with things I was deficient in. I was 100000% okay with this because healing my mind was of the most importance to me. 

Now 3 years later, I still wasn't as focused internally as I would have liked to be. My normal became solely focusing on my mind, everything else fell by the wayside. 

It's not like I never ate a vegetable, it just wasn't my focus.

In this three year time span I've really struggled with pretty severe digestive issues. I couldn't pin point where this was coming from either. I cut out gluten and dairy to see if I had some kind of intolerance but was STILL experiencing things that began to effect the way I felt in my body. 

Let me say this: I don't think everyone needs to cut out those things, or anything unless you have a genuine issue with them. I didn't want to cut anything out, especially coming from a place with a history of eating disorders but I was desperate because this was far past 'a little bloating'.

My stomach would become so distended on a daily basis that I had people regularly ask if I was pregnant. This extreme discomfort stopped me from wearing clothes I love because something internally. 

Then I heard about Seed, a symbiotic (pre and probiotic) on an episode of That's So Retrograde. The founders were on the episode giving MAD value on where we actually get probiotics (UHHHH did you know they aren't even found in yogurt or Kombucha like you thought they were? I didn't know this!!). I was blown away. I was learning so much about not just gut health, but how that effects your whole body and mind. 

I had to listen to the episode twice to really take it all in, but I was sold. 

I actively stalked my mailbox everyday waiting for it to arrive because I was so excited. When it finally came I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Trust me, I realize how off brand this is of me to be hyping up a product so much—so let me interrupt this piece to say:

I don't talk about products or companies almost ever because I realize that as someone with a platform, what/who/brands I share need to be in EXTREME alignment with who I am and what I believe in. I get offered money to talk about products all the time and I've denied every single one of them because I don't want to share something just to make money when I know YOU'RE looking for truth, and helpful resources. The reason I'm sharing this is because it's changed MY life and I want to share those kind of badass people/products and companies. I'm not getting paid for this post, and I wasn't asked to write this. I'm writing this because I love this product (although, in the future I'd like to work with them to be able to offer you a discount code!).


Here's what happened:

  • I got my package which is super dope because your first month comes in a reusable jar and the rest of the packaging is biodegradable. 
  • I took my first does the next morning, and began to take it  every morning first thing for three weeks. In those three weeks:
    • I haven't looked pregnant once. This made me cry. I can't tell you how much that was messing with my headspace. Even as a coach who works with women to find body freedom, it was harrrrrd to feel so physically uncomfortable in my body each day and not know why. 
    • My skin got clear? I'm still doing a ton of research on their website and hopping on a call with one of the people at Seed soon to ask some more questions, but I totally wasn't expecting this. My skin isn't 100% clear, but I noticed a huge change. 
    • I have more energy. At first I thought this was just in my head, but 5 other of my clients have ordered seed and they experienced more energy too, which was awesome. 

I truly feel like I could write a very long, never ending love note to Seed because this symbiotic has been a game changer in my life. 

If you want to find out more, DEFINITELY listen to this podcast, and check out their website. 

When teaching my clients to be kind to their body in the beginning of working with me, we focus on this question:

"What's the least I could do today to be kind to my body?"


For me, Seed has become the bare minimum each day in my acts of kindness because it's payoff in how I feel and perform in life is more than words can describe. 

Also PS—Your first month also comes with this v cute travel container that I love because I travel so much. Which is another aspect of Seed that I love. When I travel I normally can't poop and feel even more pregnant/distended—having seed on my 2-4x a month travels has been a game changer in how I get to experience my trips with ease.