The Greatest Love Affair You'll Ever Have!


Today, the day of commercialized love (you know it, let's be honest), I see so many women down on themselves for being alone. Let me say this loud and clear, I'm no love expert but you don't need anyone to validate your existence on this earth!!

I know that statement alone probably won't change how you may feel so today instead of giving you ideas on how to avoid love, or tell you to go indulge in a box of chocolates. I'm going to talk to you about loving the most important person in your life, YOU.

Being Honest With Yourself

How many times have you said out loud, to a friend or in your mind "I love myself" or "we as women should love our bodies!". I guarantee you've probably actually said it a lot, but more than likely you haven't meant it. We all like to act like we have our shit together, like we are happy with where we are, happy that your high school jeans don't fit anymore because you're embracing your curves. I can say this from personal experience and the large amount of women I've trained that we aren't, you aren't, truly okay with where you are (most of the time).

The obvious solution to this problem would be to change, to take action and commit to health and fitness, that is, if your value of yourself comes from body image. Where the real challenge stems from though is realizing that we've gotten ourself to this point, and the mental struggle ahead that has to be fought.

It's easy to look at the big picture, instead of focusing on the now. Being unhappy with your body or where you are in life can suck..if we let it.

So, how do you love yourself even if you aren't in ideal shape, or you don't have your dream job/boyfriend/life.


I could give you some cliche answers, that everyone says. I won't do that though. I'll give it to you 100% truthfully, because that's what you deserve.

If you have low self esteem, which to be frank most ( a lot ) of women do. You need to do esteemable acts. Things like volunteering, helping others. Doing things that make you feel good, that allow you to make a difference or change in someone else's life will in turn make you feel good about yourself.

Finding You

Next, take a look at your life. Do you put your faith/hope in a man? In a grade? A relationship? Does your sense of self worth stem from how great others see you. Or how how much someone else loves you?

If that is the case, first acknowledge it. I didn't realize (or I didn't want to admit) that my self worth depended on how much others thought of me, or cared about me. If you don't know who you are outside of your relationship/job ect, then it's time to learn. LEARN WHO YOU ARE. Do you want to take dancing lesions? Go sign up right now! Is there a band you've always wanted to see, go get tickets! Want to color your hair? DO IT!

When you interlock who you are in someone else, you lose yourself. Your identity is now dependent on someone or something else. You need to find you. Discover what you enjoy, things you like and so on.

Ready, Set, Go

Knowing who you are, may be the single most important step in loving yourself.

The road to self love is amazing, and challenging. Challenging because if you've only ever known yourself through others, if you've lowered your worth based on others, then you don't know who you are.

I can promise you though that truly discovering YOU, is the best thing in the world. For the longest time I didn't even know what music I liked, because I liked what everyone else did.

When you know who you are, you see yourself in a new light and can love who you are because you know your value doesn't rely on anyone else accepting you, but YOU.

Go on, get down with your bad self and walk the journey of falling in love with yourself. Every part of you.