The Cost Of Being Lean & Why It's Not Worth It To Me

Last weekend I was enjoying a girls night with my clients turned best friends, and as we were enjoying our night, my friend Halle said "skinny isn't the goal anymore".

I had to stop what I was doing and make a note in my phone about this because it struck me so deep.

Most of my clients start out with their goals looking something like:

  • Smaller waist
  • "Tone Up _______"
  • Smaller thighs

And so on. But the goal is always about being smaller.

You know why you've been on a diet, binge, self hate, then start over cycle for so long? It's because you've probably been focusing on on being smaller. That's all the goal is. Smaller. Skinnier.

This doesn't work because the cost of being lean is so high. To achieve the level of leanness you see on social media and pinterest is insane, you wanna know what those women have to do:

  • NO alcohol at all
  • NO nights out with friends
  • Restrict food to unsafe levels
  • Their workouts suffer because of a lack of energy
  • Their period may be gone
  • They suffer horrible binges because they restrict so much
  • They have to spend an intense amount of time in the gym
  • Stress is high to fit their workouts in + eat perfect

So how does that sound to you? Does that sound like its "worth it" to you?

Because in order to be this lean, that's more than likely what is happening.

The women above, while yeah, they look good--depending on what you think looks good. But that's another story--the cost of looking like this is HIGH. One that isn't realistic for 95% of women.

On the flip side, you CAN feel good and look good in your body without have 10% body fat like the women above.

Going out and eating meals like this:

Still allows me to look like this:

My thighs definitely touch, and I don't have abs. But I feel comfortable in my skin. My skin that is home to stretch marks and extra skin, but it's my home--and loving it came from the choice that I won't compare where I'm at to the women above. That allowed me to find beauty where I'm at. To someone 50lbs heavier than me, I am lean. So really ask yourself, when is enough enough If you don't have balance--true balance. And actively practice self-love, will any level of leanness ever be enough for you?

I refuse to give up burger nights with my best friends.
I refuse to spit out the cheerio my son put in my mouth because I'm afraid of what it'll do to my body.
I refuse to give up outings to a wine and canvas night because of alcohol

I practice #SCRradicalbalance, this means I allow myself to have the things I want, when I want them. SO when I get to the weekend I don't binge or go crazy and I KNOW, 100% without a doubt what I love and what is "worth it" to me.

I practice #SCRradicalbalance by doing things like:

  • Putting creamer in my coffee
  • Eating corn tortilla chips outside of a Mexican restaurant
  • Having "fun" protein bars
  • Having a bunless burger (I don't like the bun) with fries and wine
  • Eating cake samples in Whole Foods on a random Tuesday afternoon
  • Adding chocolate chips to my oatmeal

Little things everyday allow you to live in a place of freedom and no restriction. Allowing you to have peace with food, and when you have peace with food--the stress of looking like a VS model disappears. When the stress is gone, and when you have a healthy relationship with food, the weight-loss truly does happen with so much more ease.

So, is the cost of being lean like the women above worth it to you? Or are you willing to create your own version of beauty, to practice #SCRradicalbalance and end your yo-yo dieting. It's possible, I promise.

Don't give up life to have abs, abs don't define your self worth or how healthy you are. Eat the effing burger, and get down with some serious balance.

How will YOU practice #SCRradicalbalance. Upload your pics to FaceBoook or Instagram and show me what radical balance looks like to you!