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Friday Breakdown: How I Honored My Body


It's Friday--WOOHO. How was your week, friends? How were you able to honor your body and goals? When I ask people that question, sometimes they just don't know how to answer. "What does honoring my body look like?", they say. This got me thinking--I'd like to do this weekly. Share how I personally honored my body and help carry the message into your life so you can focus on being aware of the choices you make, the way you think, how you move ect.

How I physically honored my body: I had 3 great workouts this week that I LOVED. I've been working out at the office in between clients, I typically have an hour break and devote 20min to movement. I pick 3 movements that I enjoy and give me everything I need in a short time. This week I set my timer for 20 min and did this for one of my workouts: 10 push ups, 10 goblet squats, 10 RDLs. I also spent some time yesterday walking around Grandview. Guys, don't brush off walking. I plugged in my headphones and jammed out to Alanis Moresette as I spent time in the sun adventuring around. Most importantly, I moved in my favorite way possible. Dancing. A shit ton of it.I'm not good and I truly don't care, I am simply IN LOVE with the way my body moves when music is on. Thats how I physically honored my body through movement this week. 11918005_1645276752423736_584392168_n

How I spiritually honored my body: It bums me out to say this, but I'm seriously lacking here right now. This week I didn't wake up and meditate like I'd like to. Instead what I focused on most was being present. You'd think with the fact that I have a tattoo that says "here and now"..my visual reminder to stay present and in the now, that this would be an easy practice for me. Generally speaking, I do stay present and in the now. Recently I've been aware that I haven't, so as I refocused my mind this week, I fucking loved being fully in the now where my heart and mind like it most. I'm experiencing A LOT of awesome and new things in my life right now and with those things comes new emotions and feelings (all good, just different). Anytime I felt my mind starting to get caught up in a certain feeling or emotion--beginning to take my focus out of the now and giving life to anything that wasn't current; I quickly would stop those thoughts and truly just breathe into what was happening and instead just experience it. Not focused on what will happen next or what had just happened.

How I honored my body through nourishment: I debated putting this with how I physically honored my body because the food you eat is a direct representation of how you respect and honor your body through physical movement. However, I felt as if this topic needed a home of it's own--it's important..one of the most important ways you can honor your own body. This week I honored my body through the food I eat by truly thinking of my food as medicine. I spoke to a woman who works with females with eating disorders this week(because I do as well and enjoy picking the minds of other professionals)--she told me one tool she uses with her girls is to teach them to see food as medicine.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."-Hippocrates

She opened a new prescriptive for me. It changed things for me, and really narrowed my focus this week--not in the sense of being a crazy food nazi, but truly looking at food as medicine and not with loving googly eyes. Though I have a deep passion and love for all food, sometimes I get so caught up in my creations and cooking that I forget to take a step back and not just see food as a creative outlet but truly as medicine. So, this week I honored my body through nourishment by creating a mindset shift.

P.S- I've been really digging green smoothies again. I had so many this, even one with beets (yes--it was fucking good.) Here's my simple base recipe:




  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2-1 cup water
  • 1 cup ice
  • 2-3 cups green of choice (I use spinach)
  • Fruit of choice (I like bananas/blueberries)
  • Fat of choice (if I'm doing banana I'll ad PB or if I'm doing berries I'll add coconut oil OR 1/2 an avocado!)

That's all she wrote friends. Now it's your turn, how can you honor your body this week? It looks different for everyone so you do you 100%. Enjoy every moment of living life creating your best YOU.