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With Valentines day just a few days away I'm feeling extra happy and joyful and I wanted to share my joy with you all! Typically my online coaching services are $115 for the first month and $65 each month after that. BUT, until midnight on Valentines day I'm running an awesome deal that if you sign up with a friend you both only pay $65 each instead of $115!

This allows you and your friend to get am awesome deal and keep each other super accountable!

Here's how it works:

You'll each receive your own, customized training program. This program is based on your current fitness level, your goals and wether you want to train in the gym/home.

You'll also receive 2 exclusive ebooks to help you excel in your fitness journey that are complete with recipes, tips and bonus workouts!

Finally you'll get a personalized breakdown approach to food/nutrition. There's no one size fits all approach to food, so after a in depth consultation you'll receive a guideline to eating that not only helps you reach your goals but that's made up of foods you like!

You and your BFF will both have complete access to me. Having a rough day, need motivation, help at the store or during a workout..I'm here for you! You get my personal cell number to reach out to me anytime!


So, you ready? Grab a friend and shoot me an email to reserve your spot! I'm accepting 3 girls + their BFF's.

To get your spot send an email to with the header BFF!

Xoxo Rach