Finding Balance: My Yoga Journey


I thought I'd switch things up and share my personal story with yoga so far. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen bits and pieces of me attempting things the past few months. I get really excited about something then want to ball out..then can't accomplish it and I quit. That's sorta what had been happening with yoga. I really got into the idea of it a few months ago and went straight to attempting inversions and crazy nonsense, and as a trainer I should have known better to do.

Fast forward to last week and by some strange but awesome wave of events I ended up at the one studio that a beautifully spirited friend of mine suggested. I FELL IN LOVE. By the way, if you're in Dublin/Columbus Ohio --I'm going to GoYoga


My first class was a heated power flow, man was it hard. It was also fun though and the teacher Melissa was AMAZING!


I think that's what I love most about going, the vibes of being there. As a stay at home/work from mom I don't go out a lot --sad/hilarious but true. I pick up on people's energy very quickly and I've always been the person to have 1 great friend rather than 10 not so great ones. The moment I walked into the studio though I felt like Meredith Grey and Christina, I had found my people.

I honestly wanted to cry, (yes I'm that emotional) at how happy I was to be there. Just being around other people who are so genuinely kind, and are there to learn, meditate and grow. It was awesome.

I've continued to go almost daily and it's really darn hard. I went to one class that really pushed my limits, I had to continuously drop poses because I was so sore. The point of that teaching (taught by Amy) was to be holding the poses for so long that you reach a mental block and hopefully push through it. I however didn't do that. I fell out of poses left and right. The thing is, I know I could have gone longer--it truly was my mind getting in the way. Amy kept repeating "your breath will get you through". I thought I was doing it right, I wasn't though. I would hold my breath, breathe where I could and occasionally align my breath with my moves.

It wasn't until I went to a 6am class this morning taught by Jillian. The class was so small (yay for the 6am club!), and I really liked that. The beginning was hard for me because I was so sore from yoga/lifting daily. I broke a few poses to relax my muscles, then all of sudden as she was coaching us when to inhale/exhale I felt my breath align with my movements and it clicked.

Guys, I've never been so happy. It truly was an emotional moment. The moves were still hard, but my breath really was getting me through the movements.

I'm so excited to continue this journey. I keep saying its weird to be taught and not teach, but I love it. I love learning.

Here's to more zen, more balance and happy vibes. I'll keep sharing this journey with you guys if you'd like!

Xo Rachel